Sunday, January 31, 2010

London Bridge is falling down

The next morning we woke up a little worse for wear, tired and definately tired looking, but excited. 

We got dressed and hit the streets for a long day of walking and navigating the “tubes.”  We stayed at the Shaftsberry Hotel, conveniently located by Hyde Park.  The park itself was beautiful, but really more famous for being the home of Kensington Palace.

On the way there, we stopped and had to make a few calls

We took a long walk from there and past this amazing monument.

It was enormous.  To give you some perspective, this is me in front of it, camcorder in hand.

From there we walked more, saw the narrowest apartment ever

and ended up at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  I saw this dress and got to laughing.  It looked to me like it was made for a Fox girl ass!  It's amazing really.  Can you even imagine living in the time when this was chic?!  I would love it for Halloween. LOVE IT.

After a few hours in a museum which featured everything imaginable (seriously, it had ancient Egyptians ruins, mid-century modern furniture displays, minature Victorian rooms and outfits, wedding outfits of the Royals, everything) we continued on our journey about London and a few tube rides later ended up at the Tower of London.

Totally mideval and amazing.  It cost a lot, so we didn't go in to see the crown jewels, but we did see this gem of a lady.  I love her outfit... the police in London are this cute too!

From there we walked to the Tower Bridge, which is  of course right next to the Tower itself.  We stopped first a little oyster bar.

Zac thought it was delicious, I was not so sure...

The Tower of London and Tower Bridge in the background

Tower Bridge

After this we walked back to the tubes and headed to the London Eye, which is essentially a giant ferris wheel with little observation pods.  On the way we saw Big Ben.   For some reason, I always thought it was red....I know, I'm stupid.

Big Ben is attached to the Houses of Parliment AKA the Palace of Westminster.  It sets behind me as I stand on Westminster Bridge.  It was beautiful, even though the day had turned a bit gloomy and cold.

We continued across the bridge to the London Eye.  This is us in our pod.

And a view from high up

It was an amazing little ride.  After that we walked back across Westminster Bridge, stopping to check our some tourist booths and to meet Princess Diana along the way.

We were very impressed with the arcitecture and you can see why....

This is a shot of the Abbey
After the long day we headed back to our hotel room to warm up and relax.  The best way to do this in London is, of course, a big comfortable bed and a spot of Earl Gray!

The next morning we got up at the crack of dawn to catch a bus to the high speed train to mainland Europe.  We were on our way to Brussels and then to Bruges!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I see London....

Zac and I arrived in London the next morning…or afternoon (6 hours ahead)…safe and sound.  The next adventure was finding our hotel.  Quick travel trip, always get directions from the airport/train station to your hotel before you have to find it.  Zac and I had no real idea where we were going, at all.  Notice the not so happy expression.  Maps were our best friends.

We got lost for awhile in the airport.  We rode so many escalators I lost count and got a little vertigo.  This is what they looked like, super steep!
We finally found our hotel with the help of a friendly bobby (police officer, that's right, they actually call them bobbys).  We took a nap then decided to go exploring.  First stop, the pub for fish and chips and a pint. (you may have noticed this is not my wedding ring, I left it at home just in case)

After dinner we decided to go see some of what we came for.  Some wandering and metro stops later we  galavanted right up to Buckingham Palace.  
My best friend let me borrow her camcorder, so I have video of our entire trip.  It was a blessing.  I couldn't believe some of what I saw there, but pictures don't do much justice.  Not that bad videography does, but you can capture so much that I didn't photograph.  Here's me doing what I did for so much of my trip, filming.

Buckingham palace was amazing.  Not quite as grand as I thought it would be. Personally, I would rather have a giant grassy front yard as opposed to concrete, but anyway....
Zac and I were very impressed by the giant statue/monument right across from the palace.  I'm not a history buff, so I don't know what it was called or why it matters, I just know it's beautiful, which you may notice is a trend for me.  I don't know what it's called, I just know I like it :)

This entire thing was surrounded by other sculptures, giant sculputures.  To put this into perspective

This is the foot of one of the side sculptures, not even the main piece in the center.  I got to laughing at this pose.  I'm the one usually making stinky feet faces at Zac!  We were exhausted after this so we headed back to the room to pass out and get prepped for another big day exploring London!

Friday, January 29, 2010

We're off to see the world!

Zac and I left the reception and headed right to St. Louis.  At the time, we lived there, so we had to drive both of our cars back….that would have meant a two hour drive apart 3 hours after we got married.  Luckliy, my dear friend Chris flew in to STL for the wedding and he drove one car back for us and took us to the airport in exchange for a house to stay in so he could visit other friends for a few days.  It was a sweet deal.  

We had planned a long, expensive honeymoon that was way out of our price range.  The way we figured it, I would be wrapped up in practice soon and it would be impossible for me to take 2 weeks off again for a long time.  Also, "someday" becomes a much more frequently used phrase after kids, so we wanted to avoid that and get ourselves somewhere fantastic for our honeymoon.

I have a cousin that lives in Switzerland.  When he moved, I promised him I would make it over to see him.  I am always true to my word.  It took me a year and a half, but that promise helped seal the deal for Zac and I....we were off to Europe!!!

We had decided to pack light....really light.   Light like one backpack for 2 weeks. I was so pumped!  We borrowed my buddies bags (remember the Thanks you got me in trouble post) and took pictures of the process.  I was this excited....yep, clapping excited.

This is us after we finished up packing to leave

As you have probably noticed, I am a huge picture taker.  My life after 16 is pretty well documented.  I figure that's a good thing, unless I ever decide to run for office in which case I will burn the evidence and claim I "never inhaled."  Anyway.  I had my trust camera on the drive to STL.  We were gonna go straight to the airport, but realized then I would have to wear my veil and have my hair up all crazy fancy for a 9 hour flight.  None the less, the daunting drive and flight did nothing to lower my spirits, which were sky-freakin-high.  This is us on the drive and I know you love the glasses paired with my wedding hair and earrings.
Here's my excited and can't believe I'm married now face

And Zac's what up with this ring face

We made it to the airport on time...despite the fact that Chris, who had lived in STL for most of his life, went the wrong way and showed up to our house 20 minutes late. We made it through security and then killed time.  I hate that hurry up and wait stuff that airports are famous for, but we were on our way and that's all that mattered.  Here is Zac at the airport

And our bags, pack and ready for 2 weeks of adventure!

Our first stop, LONDON!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My favorite pictures from my wedding

These mirrors hung in the basement of the chapel. My photographer didn't pose this, so I'm still not sure how it happened.
Us in front of the church bell

What a good hubs, holding my flowers patiently
I just loved how Aub's belly hung out all day

On mom and dad's porch
Looking quite Amish isn't he
I love these grasses, every year they are bigger and more beautiful.  Unfortunately Zacman had stopped smiling and I couldn't stop squinting
Signing our marriage certificate

The reception

The reception took place inside my dad's machine shed....doesn't look much like a barn though does it

Some of our delicious food

Our beautiful flowers....

with directions asking each person to fill our a little card which we put into a time capsule.  We had them write predictions for 1 year, 5 years and 25 years.  I really can't wait to open them!

Flowers from Zac, along with the guest book

Mom and dad

Zac's grandparents, Dick and Betty

My grandparents, Connie and Ron

The family had a great time in the huge yard at my parents' house

All of Zac's brothers and sisters

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