Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cliffy B's 6 month shoot

Over a month ago I went and had Cliff's 6 month pictures taken.  It's actually getting a bit late for me to take his 7 month safe to say, these are a late.  

Nonetheless.  Here's my sweet babe at 6 months old :)

And my personal favorite....

He really is adorable. Some days I just can't get over it.  Things are slowing down a bit finally.  Or maybe it just feels like that because the days are getting longer.  

Zac and I are still working on the house.  Well, Zac is.  I am at home with the baby mostly.  Occasionally I get a sitter for a few hours and get to help on Sundays.  At this point we have ripped out the paneling, demolished a bathroom, moved around some electric, hung drywall and put down cement board for the tile floors.  It is slow going, but I'll try to post pictures soon.  

The office is picking up.  I am getting ready to run a few promotions and am praying for a good response.  You feel free to pray for that too.  :)

I promise at some point I will try to write with some regularity.  My goal was to have this be my own little memoir for Cliff.  Do one better than a baby book.  So far, fail.  I am, however, keeping up with his baby book. But lest you be impressed, I have not printed any pictures since his birth.  Mom fail.  

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