Thursday, January 17, 2013

Growing up

This is Cliffy B on Tuesday....the day I had been dreading.
A while back I wrote a post called To Cut or Not to Cut.  People were expecting it to be about his hair, but alas, it was about circumcision.  Perhaps it was a sneaky title..but that's just because Itty Bitty was born with so much hair. So. Much. Hair.  Fear not, this is the hair post you've been waiting for.
My mom and sisters have been all over me to have his hair cut.  Everytime we were around them I was harassed.  I got a lot of "it is in his eyes!" and "lose the sweatband" comments. 
When we moved Maggie I was lectured again about his bangs. 
I pinned them back. 
I was lectured about the pin. 
"He is a boy!" 
Choose one.  Accept the long bangs, or accept the pin.
The family choose neither.
So, after much delaying and dodging, I finally picked the day and set up Cliffy B's appointment.
He was having a long crazy hair day....

Cliff, as always, was in good spirits.
He thinks his Aunt Mag is funny.
He is a super ham.
He is just a ladies man.  Plus we all know how Maggie likes to put the smooch down on handsome guys.
He sat like a big boy in his bumbo chair and got his hair all sprayed down.
I admit, it was long...and in his eyes.
He was as calm as could be.
Then the cutting started...
He adjusted to it for a minute...
then decided it was hilarious!
It was really becoming a gentleman's haircut.
Turns out he has my cowlicks.
He also has very delicious fists.
When he was all done I scooped his hair into a little baggie for his baby book.
And I teared up a bit....he just looks so big!
How is Cliff so old at 4 months?  How did this happen!?
Aunt Mag threw a little product in his bangs and bam!
Happy exploded all over his little face.
Hair cuts are awesome!
Thanks Aunt Mag!
We love you and Cliff's new do!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Daddy time

There are a few things I didn't realize about becoming a mom.
One thing I didn't expect was how my heart would go all grinchy and swell 3 times bigger when I see Zac and Cliff together. 
But it does.
Every single time.
In the evenings, we kick it together as a family. 
We are diligent about Cliffy B having a bath and bed routine.  He always gets a bath, gets dressed and nurses himself to sleep....but sometimes we take a little time to play first. 
Itty Bitty loves to fly around.  He belly laughs about it. 
So does Zac.
Cliff Stu can't control his own face though, so this lean he has going is to avoid Zac being drool bombed.  Our bed got the worst of it. 

Again, notice the ridiculous drool hanging from his mouth. 

Luckily he is so cute, no one cares.
How handsome is my little man?!
I can't get over his sweet chubby arms :)
I am still surprised everyday that he has blue eyes. 
He is gonna be a lady man.
See how sweet these two are together?
Ford loves his daddy. 

And his daddy loves him right back.
They aren't even yours and I can feel you ladies getting misty eyed. 
I get it. 
I just love them so bad!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ow Now Brown Couch

Zac and I are moving.  Not anytime soon mind you, but we sure are moving.  
I am pumped about it.
Not so pumped about the renovations....
We have a lot of work to do for sure.

One of the things I am excited about though, is our new couch. 
Our current couch sucks.  Bad.

Mom and Dad bought it for my graduation present when I earned my first degree.  
I loved it.  
I have always liked the look of it, but it has it's downfalls.  It's not terribly deep.  
Zac and I cannot lay down on it together, which is lame....
But not as lame as the fact that this is the current state of the couch...  
(yes, the picture is sideways.  I can't care.)

Yeah, that is a giant rip in my couch.  
I told Zac that we needed to get a new couch.  
He told me it was not that important.  We didn't need one. 
I reminded him that we are too old to have furniture like this.  

So I started saving, and I finally had enough to go shopping. 
Store #1 had a couch I loved.  

Ladies and gents, say hello to my new couch!

It is awesome. 
Looks like leather, is actually microfiber so I won't be in this same situation again.

It is also super deep.  Like twin sized bed deep.  Finally Zac will have a couch that is big enough for him.  We both can lay together and watch a movie.  
It is super comfortable.  
It is not being delivered until after the Krouse is done. 
Delayed gratification.....

The rest of the family seems to dig it too.  

I love it.  Even if it makes Mom and Annie looks like Lily Tomlin. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Look

If you will all recall, Cliff was born with a head full of hair.  

By 2 months, it was not just long, but....big. 

Now that he is 4 months, his hair is getting pretty darn long.  
Maggie is after me constantly to cut it.  
I say that he is a mini-Sampson and his strength comes from his hair.  
Maggie says I am wrong.  His hair gets in his eyes and his lack of motor control keeps him from pushing it out of the way and he gets pissed.  

She might have a valid point.  

I, however, found a better solution.  For Christmas, Cliffy B was gifted sweatbands.  That's right. 


At first, he was not so sure....

After the initial shock, it started to grow on him.  

Then I realized that he was mostly mad about being held....

And in his swing he was content and looking quite sporty.  

That's what sweatbands do for you.  
Keep your hair out of your face (mostly) and enhance your natural athleticism.  


Go sweatbands!

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