Monday, January 14, 2013

Daddy time

There are a few things I didn't realize about becoming a mom.
One thing I didn't expect was how my heart would go all grinchy and swell 3 times bigger when I see Zac and Cliff together. 
But it does.
Every single time.
In the evenings, we kick it together as a family. 
We are diligent about Cliffy B having a bath and bed routine.  He always gets a bath, gets dressed and nurses himself to sleep....but sometimes we take a little time to play first. 
Itty Bitty loves to fly around.  He belly laughs about it. 
So does Zac.
Cliff Stu can't control his own face though, so this lean he has going is to avoid Zac being drool bombed.  Our bed got the worst of it. 

Again, notice the ridiculous drool hanging from his mouth. 

Luckily he is so cute, no one cares.
How handsome is my little man?!
I can't get over his sweet chubby arms :)
I am still surprised everyday that he has blue eyes. 
He is gonna be a lady man.
See how sweet these two are together?
Ford loves his daddy. 

And his daddy loves him right back.
They aren't even yours and I can feel you ladies getting misty eyed. 
I get it. 
I just love them so bad!


  1. There's Cliff. He is so cute. Love that hair. It will probably change colors as he gets a little older. That drool is funny.

  2. I don't think any child in the history of the world has had cuter hair than Cliff. AND, I love his smile, such a sweet boy :-)

  3. Misty-eyed, I am. Honestly, this child could be in Hollywood. You and Zac could just follow him there and give up your day jobs! I MEAN it.

  4. your darling son makes me smile,, every time. he is a gift. thank you for sharing him with us.

  5. Misty eyed here...I remember when my now 6'2", 18 year old son flew like that in his Daddy's arms...cherish each day.

  6. Beyond handsome!

    Jenny L.


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