Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ow Now Brown Couch

Zac and I are moving.  Not anytime soon mind you, but we sure are moving.  
I am pumped about it.
Not so pumped about the renovations....
We have a lot of work to do for sure.

One of the things I am excited about though, is our new couch. 
Our current couch sucks.  Bad.

Mom and Dad bought it for my graduation present when I earned my first degree.  
I loved it.  
I have always liked the look of it, but it has it's downfalls.  It's not terribly deep.  
Zac and I cannot lay down on it together, which is lame....
But not as lame as the fact that this is the current state of the couch...  
(yes, the picture is sideways.  I can't care.)

Yeah, that is a giant rip in my couch.  
I told Zac that we needed to get a new couch.  
He told me it was not that important.  We didn't need one. 
I reminded him that we are too old to have furniture like this.  

So I started saving, and I finally had enough to go shopping. 
Store #1 had a couch I loved.  

Ladies and gents, say hello to my new couch!

It is awesome. 
Looks like leather, is actually microfiber so I won't be in this same situation again.

It is also super deep.  Like twin sized bed deep.  Finally Zac will have a couch that is big enough for him.  We both can lay together and watch a movie.  
It is super comfortable.  
It is not being delivered until after the Krouse is done. 
Delayed gratification.....

The rest of the family seems to dig it too.  

I love it.  Even if it makes Mom and Annie looks like Lily Tomlin. 


  1. I like it too. Loved Lily in that chair. Your mom looks so skinny now. What no picture of Cliffy?

  2. I could never get a couch like that...I would NEVER leave it!!! :-)

  3. Nice couch. Make sure you look on the label so you can tell if it can be cleaned with water or not. I didn't have a clue about this until I read the post below.

    I second the where's Cliffy comment.

    Jenny L.

  4. excellent find! I love the Lily Tomlin comment!!

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