Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Look

If you will all recall, Cliff was born with a head full of hair.  

By 2 months, it was not just long, but....big. 

Now that he is 4 months, his hair is getting pretty darn long.  
Maggie is after me constantly to cut it.  
I say that he is a mini-Sampson and his strength comes from his hair.  
Maggie says I am wrong.  His hair gets in his eyes and his lack of motor control keeps him from pushing it out of the way and he gets pissed.  

She might have a valid point.  

I, however, found a better solution.  For Christmas, Cliffy B was gifted sweatbands.  That's right. 


At first, he was not so sure....

After the initial shock, it started to grow on him.  

Then I realized that he was mostly mad about being held....

And in his swing he was content and looking quite sporty.  

That's what sweatbands do for you.  
Keep your hair out of your face (mostly) and enhance your natural athleticism.  


Go sweatbands!


  1. He is a cutie! You look great Abbie!

  2. hahaha, i look great because that's annie!

  3. haha.... too cute!!! Love the one with his hair sticking up!!

    I knew that was Annie ;) BUT.... you still look great. :)

    Now, where's your mom been? Tell her "I can't care" is wondering. HA!

  4. Cutting that hair...eventually...will be harder on you than Samson. :-) He is adorable!


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