Thursday, January 17, 2013

Growing up

This is Cliffy B on Tuesday....the day I had been dreading.
A while back I wrote a post called To Cut or Not to Cut.  People were expecting it to be about his hair, but alas, it was about circumcision.  Perhaps it was a sneaky title..but that's just because Itty Bitty was born with so much hair. So. Much. Hair.  Fear not, this is the hair post you've been waiting for.
My mom and sisters have been all over me to have his hair cut.  Everytime we were around them I was harassed.  I got a lot of "it is in his eyes!" and "lose the sweatband" comments. 
When we moved Maggie I was lectured again about his bangs. 
I pinned them back. 
I was lectured about the pin. 
"He is a boy!" 
Choose one.  Accept the long bangs, or accept the pin.
The family choose neither.
So, after much delaying and dodging, I finally picked the day and set up Cliffy B's appointment.
He was having a long crazy hair day....

Cliff, as always, was in good spirits.
He thinks his Aunt Mag is funny.
He is a super ham.
He is just a ladies man.  Plus we all know how Maggie likes to put the smooch down on handsome guys.
He sat like a big boy in his bumbo chair and got his hair all sprayed down.
I admit, it was long...and in his eyes.
He was as calm as could be.
Then the cutting started...
He adjusted to it for a minute...
then decided it was hilarious!
It was really becoming a gentleman's haircut.
Turns out he has my cowlicks.
He also has very delicious fists.
When he was all done I scooped his hair into a little baggie for his baby book.
And I teared up a bit....he just looks so big!
How is Cliff so old at 4 months?  How did this happen!?
Aunt Mag threw a little product in his bangs and bam!
Happy exploded all over his little face.
Hair cuts are awesome!
Thanks Aunt Mag!
We love you and Cliff's new do!


  1. I have been a big fan of Cliff's hair. It looks awesome now. Keep using the the poof. The little boys I watch use the product too and they are adorabe as well. I sweat that child is not four months old. He just looks and acts so much older. cliff laughing at getting his hair cut made me laugh.

  2. That was so fun! I feel like we went right along with you. He looks great; Maggie did a good job. And those spikey bangs? Swoon. You should plan now to beat off the girls.

  3. He looks adorable AND you survived! :-)

  4. He is sooo adorable. Love all the pics.... great job Aunt Maggie :)

  5. what a little man! a keeper for sure.

  6. I cannot believe how big he looks! That was a great post. He is so freaking adorable~the pics of him laughing while getting the cut were too precious for words. He looks gorgeous!

  7. He is such a good baby! The haircut is too cute!

    Jenny L.

  8. Adorable precious sweet boy!!



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