Monday, February 4, 2013

Random Facts, Vol. 11

My husband has an odd habit. 
I suppose, honestly, it is my fault he has it. 
It all started when he was still working in St. Louis.  He was gone half the week, home half of the week.  He was half living out of a suitcase (or in his case, duffel bag) for about 2 years. 
One thing that drove me crazy was that he would pack extra clothes, then mix the clean and the dirty stuff together in his bag, so I never knew what needed washed, and the clean clothes weren't exactly downy fresh. I would complain about washing "clean" clothes again because he couldn't figure out an appropriate spacial arrangement in his luggage.  
This continued up in until the day he then started making me what he called dirty clothes "packets."
What in the world is he talking about you ask? 
This is a picture from our hotel from last weekend. 
As you can see, Zac has made 3 lovely dirty clothes "packets" for me.  Didn't put them back in his bag, but left them on the table...I digress.
Basically Zac decided that he would wrap all of his dirty things up inside of his t-shirt for the day.  Socks, wrapped up in boxers, balled up in a t-shirt.  Boom!  Packet.  
His clean clothes were kept from smelling like dirty socks and a habit was born...
Now when he travels, he comes home with his clothes just like this for me. 
I am a lucky girl.
God bless my husband, and his well contained filth.

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