Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be Our Guest!

My mama has left the building!  Mom has been out of town on a camping adventure with her friend Jayme.  The sisters and I took turns filling in for her while she is up to her eyes in shenanigans.  Jump on over to her blog,  Janie Fox Talks, and read away!

Be my guest...

P.S...stealing the thankful reminders at the end of the blog from here on out!

What I am thankful for

1.  awkward ring tones
2.  down comforters
3.  ugg slippers from wal-mart


  1. I absolutely loved your post over at your Mom's blog! Hilarious and sweet at the same time. Oy, how I wish I had daughters! In addition to my boys, of course!

  2. I red your post over at your mom's too - and you said to visit here - so here I am - hello. sandie


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