Sunday, March 17, 2013

Half of a year

I haven't blogged in forever.  

I have so much to write about that I can't find a starting point.  
I have been working like crazy.  Doing wellness talks all over town.  Traveling for continuing education.  Cleaning up a rental.  Fixing up a country house.  And running around like a circus juggler  trying my best to keep all the balls in the air.  

One thing that I can't get over, is the weeks flying by at near the speed of sound.  

That's what this little post is about.  
My baby is now 6 months old!  
Half a year ago my life was completely transformed.  
I became a mom, gave up on sleep, and was forced to find the joy in wiping a little butt and cleaning his booger nose.  But, when you look at pictures of my baby (who was never quite baby sized) you see why those things weren't too hard to do. 

Here are a few pictures we snapped at home the other day.  
Enjoy my Cliffy B and his chubby arms and thighs!


  1. such cute pictures!
    your mama is one of my favorites! :)
    she told me to contact you about potential copper toxicity.
    i'll have to message you!

  2. He is such a cutie! Sounds like an exciting 6 months.

  3. CLiff is still so adorable. HE looks like he is a tall baby. Love that last picture. I have missed your posts.

  4. He is such a handsome little prince. Glad things are going well for you.



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