Friday, July 2, 2010

Fearless Flirt

You all know by now that my husband says ridiculous things and they crack me up.  Oddly enough, I'm ususally surprised by it, as was the case the other day at Wal-Mart.  He was running in to get a deli sandwich and I waited in the car since I like to people watch and was looking quite sweaty that evening after Third Sunday Market.  While I waited, I spotted a big ol' chevy pick-up hanging out and across the rear window of the very masculine truck was a big scrolly font decal that said FEARLESS FLIRT.  This made me laugh.  I think window decals which proclaim something about you are stupid.  So, sorry if you are a BIG DAWG, or like to COONHUNT BLUETICKS (and Chris, I know you love those dogs with your whole heart), but I think your car looks silly.  I do, however, like the "My family" dceals.  (I know, double standard but whatever).  I waited until Zac came out to the car and asked him if he'd seen the truck, which, of course, he hadn't noticed.  I told him it was a big man truck with a big girly decal.  I told him what it said to which he replied "FEARLESS FLIRT huh?  Ya know what that means, should be more like RAUNCHY WHORE."  Ahahahah  he just kills me with the things he says!  I think about it everytime I drive by Wal-Mart now and it still cracks me up.  Oh my dear husband, callin' it like it (probably) is.

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