Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another prayer request

First, the good news, Kendal has officially returned home to finish the rest of his healing with family.  He has done exceptionally well.  You may remember that initially doctors thought he would lose his right leg and half of his face.  None of that has been the case.  His plastic surgeons repaired his face and have only a few revisions left.  His skin and bone grafts are healing as well as can be expected and he is able to move himself in a wheelchair now until the graft in his foot gets stronger.  He and his family have been so blessed and his spiritis are high.  Thanks to everyone for your prayers for Kendal!

Now, on to the bad news and new prayer request.  Please say prayers for the Bertolino family of Pana.  They lost their 15 month old granddaughter yesterday.  She was playing outside and fell into a well.  They found her but were unable to revive her.  Their son's family is expecting another child in September of this year, which will undoubtedly be very difficult as he and his wife try to heal from this loss.  Thank you to everyone for your prayers.


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  1. I am praying for them. God will carry them through these difficult days if they let him.


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