Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back by popular demand....

As many of you probably didn't notice all that much...I stopped blogging.  Completely and unceremoniously.  My step out of the limelight was primarily motivated by my laziness and distinct vanity. You see...18 followers was simply not enough.  Especially when a majority of those 18 were my mom, my sisters and a cousin, whom I talk to on a regular basis  But, I came to work today and decided to immediately take a break from working to read my email.  I was bombarded by the following:

From Mom: Abbie,
Please blog -I miss my daily dose of wit from you. Topics... Maggie, Annie, Troy and our pranks against him, Courtney and her antics, Zac's wisdoms, funny patients etc. I miss Little Trailer  I think you moved to the big one and got all cocky and conceited... too good for the Little Trailer blog, eh?

Then Annie: (email #1) I once knew a girl who wrote blogs.  She was funny & stupid in a good way.  She wrote about her life & a tiny trailer.  Then, she moved to a big trailer & forgot she lived in a trailer at all.  I miss that girl.

Then Mom's (well, everyone's) Friend Jamie:

Dear Dr Abbie,
I hadn't heard from you in a while, and had a curious hankering to know what the carp was up in your life, if Zachmeister had said anything funny lately, maybe you'd travelled to some neat places/eaten some great food or if any other patients had shown you their privates (or privacy as my neice Kynlee would like it to be called).  Your mama had mentioned to me that you had a lovely little blog, something about little trailers and big people, so I found it & tried to nail down how you'd been rolling lately.  To my shock and dismay it doesn't seem you've updated your blog in oh so long, like pathetically since July, so I just had to express how furious with disappointment I was to your mother.  She informed me that since moving to the palatial new mobile existence you've had trouble with the inflated size of your head and think you are way to important to do something as menial as blog for your ever adoring public. 
All I can say to that is, so so suck my toe all the way to Mexico.  Oh, and I will cut a bitch. 
M.Jamie Heiserman, esquire.

Then Annie again:

I once knew a girl who wrote blogs,
She also painted naked on logs.

She lives in a trailer,
And can run a straw baler.

The blogs are no more,
She pops backs for the sore.

I wish she’d come back,
I want to hear more about Zac. you see, I'm simply too popular to stop.  I have been missed.  My ego has been stroked (that's what she said).  And I'm back to blogging, at least, temporarily. 


  1. YAY!!! I'e missed you too, and I know how you feel - I slacked off myself and was debating stopping all together. I'm still not sure, but for now, I'm gonna be throwing up the random posts I guess.

  2. Check that business - you already have a commenter who was missing you. Start doing this regularly. You have a lot to share - esp about holes in chiro tables!

  3. I am glad you are back to blogging too! I enjoy reading your blogs. Plus I feel like living in Springfield qualifies me for being classified as an out of town reader who is not in your immediate family....take that for your ego!

  4. i've missed you too!
    i was just wondering about you yesterday:O)
    (Those were some mad rhymes Annie)

  5. Aww my sweet Abbie ... you have been missed !!18 followers is great- after all you are not Jesus so you aren't expected to have lots of followers.

  6. I didn't sign up as a follower but I was very disappointed to check and not see the posts. I'm glad to you are back to blogging. Just remember there are some of us that go "stealth" on blogs!!!

    Aunt Jean


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