Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sleeping like a king

Over they years I've had many mattresses.  They've all been bad.  When I moved from Carbondale to start chiropractic school I was sharing a full sized bed with a 6'4" man (and I'm 5'10"ish).  I told one of the girls I worked with that I would LOVE a bigger bed, it would make my life.  She said she had a queen in storage that her aunt had given her.  The day before our big move, we went out to her storage unit, dug it out from beneath the piles and loaded it up into my brother-in-law's S10 truck.  Only after I drug out my other mattress and threw it on top of the "queen" did I realize they were the same size.  Mattress upgrade fail.  I did, however, haul 2 box springs and 2 mattresses in the back of an S10, pulling a trailer packed to the brim and sitting next to a multiple lamps and a large potted plant the entire way to St. Louis.  I kinda looked like this, with the addition of a trailer, moving very slowly in second gear up hills.  

Once in the Lou we dreamed of a bigger bed.  It didn't happen.  At least, not for awhile.  
After 2 years we had found a house and were all set to move.  The week before our move I was getting the mail and saw that there was a queen set for FREE because someone was moving out of state and could only take what fit in the car.  I called her up...and she lived just across the hall.  It was meant to be!     And it was clean! I was thrilled.  Now, one thing you should know, my husband is a flopper.  This is how he effectively broke the full size mattress, and subsequently the queen sized as well.  By the time we were ready to move home, the mattress was not so great anymore.  Luckily, there is always someone in need, so I gave both beds away (thank you Craigslist) along with piles of stuff I didn't want anymore. 

When we moved home we finally got a decent bed.  Annie and Jade had taken Mom's king when she and Dad bought new, and their still rather new bed was now for guests.  I figured Mom loves me more than guests so I got it!  It was great..for awhile.  It's gotten to the point where Zac and I sleep on extreme edges of the bed so that we don't fall into a crevise so deep we can't get out.  I found out that Annie had a warranty on said mattress and I told her she was crazy not to use it.  We found out the requirements.  It had to be "nearly perfect."  We were disappointed.  We had it steam cleaned, and then it kinda looked like it had been grilled from where the upholstry head of the steamer had been run across it.  But, to our surprise, it was "one of the cleanest mattresses" the guy from the furniture store had ever seen.  YAY!  He ordered Annie and Jade a new mattress and viola, Zac and I are sleeping like a king!  Now I realize this doesn't fix the whole hand-me-down mattress problem Zac and I seem to have, but I can't wait.  My husband will finally have a bed his feet don't hang off of and I will have more room than I know what to do with.  Life. Is. Good. 

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  1. How will we live with you now, Your Highness????


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