Thursday, November 18, 2010

Super(califragilisticexpialidocious) Excited

The next week is gonna be super busy, super fast, and super exciting, for it is the week leading up to DISNEY!  Woohoo!.  My family doesn't go on many vacations.  In fact, this is the first in a decade.  Oddly enough, it's a bit of a repeat with a few new faces.  Ten years ago the sisters, mom, dad, and I (plus Annie's then boyfriend Jade, and my bestfriend Courtney) headed down to Florida to used up my aunt's time share.  Over Thanksgiving we are going again, to the same, though thoroughly revamped resort.  Annie and Maggie both went to Disney on their honeymoons, but I haven't been back, so it will be like brand new again!  

This year instead of Courtney, I'm taking my husband and the sisters will be bringing along their kids.  I can't wait to see Aubrie and Everett's expressions as we walk into Disney.  It will be incredible.  Especially considering their reactions as they walked into my newly Christmas decorated house the other day and each got wide-eyed and said "it's beautiful!"  Little do they know friends, little do they know.  

The vacation itself will be great.  The lead up may be crazy.  I know I have to work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Zac won't be home after Monday next week, so I have to have him pick out all his clothes this weekend.  After work on Wednesday I have to meet him in Springfield (about an hour and a half away) then we are going to his parent's house for Thanksgiving.  We have to drive back Thursday evening and he has to go straight to St. Louis for his Black Friday 4:30am - 5?pm shift.  Our flight leaves Saturday at 7am from St. Louis.  So....should he drive home for us to drive back the next morning, or should I drive down Saturday night and we stay in a hotel or find friends with enough space to store 2 cars for 7 days.....ughhhh.  I think I may want Zac to come home considering his boss warned him that if he took the time off during what should be blacked out days (from thanksgiving - february no one is supposed to be able to request off)  he may have to work 7 straight days after we get back.  That's a lot of away from home time.  Anyway, aside from Zac's job, my job, driving and packing, it's gonna be awesome!

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  1. Packing my mouse ears and my fairy wings... it is going to be heaven on Earth. No one does Christmas like Disney :)


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