Friday, December 16, 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I did it again, I went a little crazy.  Like making random drastic changes to my appearance crazy.  I told my mom and sisters for a long time that I was growing out my hair to donate it.  I've done it before and was about to donate it a second time when Mag and I ruined that opportunity.  She was fresh outta cosmetology school and her friend had told her about a new way to roll a perm that created big loose waves.  She asked if she could try it, I said sure.  

Mistake #1:  Trying a new way to roll, when you don't know how to unroll it to check the set.

Mistake #2:  Listening to your sister, the chiropractor, when she says "Well, how long can a perm stay on?...let's just leave it the full 20 then." 

Mistake #3:  Freaking out when you have ramen-noodle hair and then immediately shampooing.

Mistake #4:  Leaving the salon with said ramen hair.  

Luckily mom's friend from high school was one of Mag's instructors from cosmo school so she was happy to look at it to see how it could be fixed.  Unfortunately, there was nothing to be done.  I believe her words were, "Oh Abbie....Oh...I don't know.  It's pretty bad."  Or something to that effect.  I chopped it all of.  When in doubt, scrap it and start over.  

Since then, I've been a little more protective of my hair.  I kept growing and growing.  I really had intentions of cutting it sooner, but kept it just like a kid clingin' to a baby blanket.  I wrote my dear friend Lauren a letter.  I told her I was debating the hair cut (damn you pinterest) and told her by the time she got the letter I would have decided whether or not to man up.  
But then again, that was precisely the problem.  I did not want to look like a man.  

Zac was not so encouraging.  When I asked him if he would love me just as much with short hair he answered, "well, I guess I kinda have to."  Not exactly the support you are looking for, but I figured he could suck it up.  (it has grown on him....he said so, without me even asking)

So in to the salon I went.  I decided that there was nothing wrong with looking just like my mom and sisters and that I would not look man-ish.  Mag asked how short she could cut it.  She really wanted to take it up to my shoulders.  I said no way, if it's getting cut, we were cutting to donate.  It took us 45 minutes to come up with the courage to whack it off.  The other girls in the salon wouldn't leave for lunch until it was cut.  It was quite the event. 

This is where I started. 

We sectioned it, Maggie cut off the ponytails, then I looked this good. 

That was attached to my head.  Weird right.  And somehow, after it is removed from my head, I find it creepy and gross.  It was even creepier when it rode around in the console of my car for weeks until I actually mailed it to the donation center. Ewww.

This is my new do. 

Mom says it makes my eyes look pretty.  I would argue that they have always been pretty.  I look just like my mom and sisters now.  

Case in point.

Now I rock the short do.  I like to give a little faux hawk too.  My patients dig it.  Even the older ladies with their perma-perms.  They think it is really cute.  I love them for that.  I think they need faux hawks.  So that's my hair today, gone tomorrow story.  Hopefully you feel inspired.  Hopefully you will grow and donate to people in need!  Hopefully you look good with short hair....... :)


  1. Oh la la, I like it short! I wish I could be that brave again! I just cut six inches off but couldnt go any shorter. I have however gone as short as you have it now and it was SO nice! I like the last picture of you and Annie. I love the braids, I do my girls hair/bangs like that secretly wishing that I could do it on myself but cant. Anyway, cute "do"!

  2. You would be gorgeous even if you were bald! I like the haircut. :-) Even more, I love how incredibly selfless and giving you and your family are. You are wonderful!

  3. your eyes were like 2 burnt holes in a blanket before the hair cut bahaha Just jesting. You are always beautiful...your dad gets a wee bit of credit for your looks too,ya know.

  4. I'm having trouble understanding why this post isn't entitled "Hair Force One" or "I am Abbie...Hair me roar..." or "Hairdromeda." Just saying...


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