Sunday, January 8, 2012

Puppy love and other paintings

I just realized how long it had been since I'd written a blog post.  I've got a ton to write about, I really do.  I've just been overwhelmed with all the real life things I should be the presentation I have at the hospital in 2 weeks that I haven't started on....but I digress.  

I thought I would start my return to blogland with holiday stuff before it seems ridiculously late.  So first off, Christmas presents, then when I get my SD card working, actual Christmas photos.  My friend Darby had big plans for me.  She knew exactly what she wanted.  Her mom and her step-mom are pet lovers and happen to both have amazingly cute pups.  Darby sneaky snapped some photos for me and away we went.  The top painting is of Tina's boxers.

The bottom is of Sherry's two yorkies and a sweet old hound.

I loved these.  Both of them.  I hear they were a hit around the Christmas tree too, which I was thrilled about!

The next three are done for an old friend named Debbye.  She has a running tradition with her 3 girls.  Each year they get a special present that says "believe."  This year, she asked me to do 3 paintings of the bell from Polar Express and work believe into them.  Ask and ye shall receive!

I tried to make each one unique and let the girls pick which one they dig the most.  

My Christmas paintings have sent me a rush of more work.  I think I have 2 for a lady named Ann, 1 for Annie, 1 for Maggie, 1 for my cousin Ali, and 2 for a coworker of my friend Darby.  I just gotta get on it!  I have been sick however and spent a fair amount of time trying to scrape myself off the couch.  It's not been going well as of now.   Here's to hoping I'm back on my game by Wednesday, I've got work to do!


  1. Your paintings are all fabulous! I love the ones with the bells, you've got great talent :)

  2. come lay on my couch and I will nurse you back to health. stupid cold.


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