Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drumroll please....

I left out a few things from our family Christmas.  This video in particular is fab!

Yep, that's my husband. Yes, I told him I wanted to see "how much you dig it" in reference to his painting.   I just told him that we are having a baby and he is gonna be a dad and yep, he did tell me "Congratulations." Hahaha I love him so bad!  
(ps...neither of us can believe our voices in this video.  is my voice really that deep and zac's really that nasally?  i say probably.)

That's how I decided to tell my manny.   I knew for a few days but didn't wanna just blurt it out when he walked through the door.  All the online ideas were too....I don't know....just not right for me.  I am simply not gonna make a whole baby themed dinner and have to repeatedly ask Zac to pass the baby carrots.  He wouldn't get it anyway.  He would've just told me that he doesn't even really like carrots.  I know him.  Anyway, I figured we needed a family portrait sooner or later and this was the perfect excuse.  This is our little painting.  

And just to make sure there was no confusion, he got a little note on the back!

Of course the day I told him we had all of 10 minutes before we had to leave and head out to a joint birthday party for Maggie and Aubrie.  We did our best to snap a few pictures of the moment and went to eat ice cream and cake, which is reason enough to celebrate :)  

At this point, I already knew I would just wrap up my painting and have mom open it at Christmas.  I figured, I will tell my family, Zac can tell his.  I should've handled Zac's....

As I mentioned, we always go to Zac's parent's house for Christmas.  We went up on the 23rd.   I waited the whole night, he says nothing.  NOTHING about baby.  I just wanted to tell someone...darn Zac.  The next day was of course Christmas Eve.  I worked in the kitchen with Zac's ma Lolla and he hung with his dad Jim.  I kept waiting.  Lolla told me Emily was playing baby Jesus.  I snuck out of the kitchen, told Zac he has his in, go tell your ma that our baby can be Jesus next year.  He replied "I don't want our baby to play Jesus."  What?!  He gave no further explanation....I was frustrated.  Zac drug his feet the entire morning.  Finally his dad says they are going to his parents house and I told Zac he absolutely had to tell his parents because he WOULD be telling his Grandma Betty when he was there.  She WAS NOT going to find out through the grapevine.  He said ok, he would tell them.  Lolla bought  him some time by suggesting lunch before they left for Dick and Betty's.  We ended up at Hardee's.  We ordered our food and the nice lady brought it out to us.  We were about half way through our meals when Zac throws it out there.  He said "So, Abbie and I have news.  We're gonna have a kid."  
Nice.  Not, "were having a baby" not "you're gonna be grandparents again".  It was "we're having a kid" as if I'm birthing a toddler.  I'm surprised he didn't follow it up with a "Can I have one of your fries?"  He is the master of nonchalant.  

His parents were thrilled, this will be grand baby #17 for them.  Crazy right?!  17.  When we got back to the house I had to ask Zac "At Hardee's...really?  That's the best you could come up with?"  He laughed.  I asked him if I should take care of telling the rest of his family.  He agreed I should go ahead and handle that.  

My parents announcement went a little smoother.  I wrapped up the painting again.  Of course Mom opened the wrong side first and was confused.  She looked at me funny, I rolled my eyes and told her to turn it over.  She cried..

Then she showed everyone sitting in the living room

Then she realized Dad wasn't next to her, and yelled for him.  He smiled...

then kissed my mama.

Then ma told Aub and Ev who didn't quite care...

Then she expressed herself with her hands :)

Mom was thrilled of course.  I think first she said she had "oh I am so happy!  I had given up hope."  I think I replied, "what the hell I'm only 26?!"  Then she explained "No, I mean given it up on an announcement for Christmas."  (She assures me, she knew I would have babies, she just didn't know when.)  Apparently Grandma Toots called it.  She and mom both debated about us having news to share this Christmas.  Grandma was right.  

Zac and I just got home from our first appointment.  We got to watch baby's heart beat.  I am due August 30th....I thought Aug. 26th so I was pretty darn close.  It was exciting.  I told Zac that I had no problems identifying baby's head from it's "rump."  He agreed, stating "I know how embryos have giant heads."  I laughed and told him baby takes after it's Dad already.  To which Zac replied, "Let's hope not. Otherwise baby is walking around lookin like a grapefruit on a straw til it's like 20."  Hahahaha!  He kills me.  Not his fault it took awhile to grow into his head :)

So there ya go world.  My announcement is official.  I've got a bean-on-board.  Here's to eating ice cream without apology and having a legit reason for ignoring some of my housework!


  1. I hurried over! Congratulations to BOTH of you! What an original way to announce it!

  2. So now I can share. Austin and I were at Grandma Betty's and Zac was excited as I've seen him. Congrats. Looking forward to another Ballard running around!

  3. Sooo excited for you Abbie!!! I teared up on the video, that was too freakin cute! Congratulations to you both, you have no idea how awesome of a mom you are gonna be!


    1. Thanks Hillary! I can't wait for another ultrasound to see more! Dr. M asked all about your sister. I am supposed to find out what she is doing now. He said he really liked her!

  4. So exciting!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! As much as I am sure you love all of your nieces and nephews, having your own kid is just something no one can prepare you for! It is so amazing and indescribable!

    PS your husband sounds a lot like mine! lol. MEN!

  5. That was the best post EVER! I loved the video..."Congratulations, Baby!" Perfect. And the picture of Stu and Janie kissing made me cry.

    I'm so happy for you!

    Big Hugs!


  6. Love the video!!!! Congrats again :)

  7. Congrats!! I just loved this! I might have even gotten a bit misty-eyed.

  8. Love the way you broke the news! So special and I wish you much happiness!


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