Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I don't know about you other mama's out there...but I have ridiculous dreams.  I hear lots of women have crazy pregnancy dreams and it's happenin over here.  Don't get me wrong, I have ALWAYS been a dreamer.  Every night, and I almost always remember them the next morning.  They have just been odd lately in that they are FULL of people from my past.  Classmates mostly.  People I literally haven't seen or talked to in years.  Then I like to mix in a little bit of my own more recent history.  Case in point, my dream from last night.  

Two things you should know....I have been watching the show Downtown Abbey and I used to ride the school bus with a girl named Tabitha, that wanted people to call her Abby.  It drove me crazy.  Two people, within close proximity shouldn't have the same name.  Especially when it is not your given name.  I am Abbie, you are Tabitha.  Done. 

So last night I fall asleep peacefully in the middle of the bed since Zac was out of town, all set for 9 hours of highly interrupted sleep like usual.  Cue dream sequence #1

I am RICH! Or more to the point, my dad is rich.  We are livin it up in our mega-house when my high school best friend/somewhat boyfriend Casey shows up.  He has been out of town (he works way out of state, somewhere, or at least he used to.  I don't know where cause it changes a lot and I haven't talked to him for almost 3 years but I digress...) and wanted to come visit us.  I give him the tour of the mansion...which I can describe in detail but won't.  I show him the pools, and then take him to the bathroom because for some reason in my dream, he was literally fresh off the road and needed to shower.  Odd in and of itself.  Anyway, Casey showers, then we resume the tour.  We meet up with my Dad.  Dad tells Casey that he can have my entire inheritance if he marries me.  Dad will sign over the papers.  For some reason, this does not seem entirely outlandish to me.  Part of my mind is reeling....why does Casey get my inheritance? where is zac? etc.  The other part is happy to see Casey and find out where he has been in the world.  Then my alarm went off....I snoozed it and bam, Dream #2

I am at a concert with 3 kids I went to high school wiht, Todd, Jared and Tabitha.  Now I never really hung out with any of the listed...but I think Jared and Todd were there because they were taller than me and I needed a back row....anyway.  Here we are, jammin at a concert with a drummer that also happens to be named Abbey.  And in the dream, I know that it is spelled EY.  Just know it.  So Abbey the drummer is doing her thing as we all watch.  The other people at the concert are going on and on and on about her.  I gradually get annoyed because it keeps interrupting my conversations thinking they are talking to me.  I turn to my friend on the right to say, "it's times like these that I wish I were not named Abbie." when Tabitha/Abby beats me to the punch.  Why the next part happened, I don't know...but I turned to Tabitha and I LOST it.  I yell at her "What are you even talking about you crazy bi**h!  You are standing next to a girl that is ACTUALLY named Abbie, complaining about being named Abby.  YOUR NAME IS TABITHA!"
Alarm #2
Yep.  I super mega freaked out on Tabitha in my dream and offered her no dream time for retaliation.  Occasionally my dream-mates have to abide a cussing.  No apologies.  

This is now happening on a nightly basis.  Not the cussings so much as all these people that I went to high school with, popping back up in my dreams.  It is weird.  Thanks to Facebook for enabling me to see my classmates now, they are all grown up versions of the teenagers I once knew.  All I've got to say is look out Shelbyville High School Classes of 2000-2005.  You are on my dream radar and I am not afraid to be mean!  

(ps....sorry tabitha)


  1. I have the most bizarre dreams as well.....Jerrod thinks I'm a freak but I can't care. When I was pregnant I dreamed that I had to nurse a litter of pups to keep them alive. Freaking weird I tell ya.

  2. HAHAHA Abbie this cracked me up, because I too have tons of weird dreams, but the pregnancy ones can get crazy, as well as a little 'R' Rated, just ask Maggie, haha.

    Keep the dreams coming,

  3. now i am scared to fall asleep for fear you will come into my dream and give my manse away and cuss me.please tell me about my manse.


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