Monday, January 16, 2012

Fox Family Christmas

Every year at my family's Christmas we rock a theme.  We've had funny hat Christmas, the ugly sweater Christmas, and last year was all about being Vestive.  This year, elf hats!  Thank you Oriental Trading.  And additional thank you's to mom for buying me jingle bells and to Zac for begrudgingly helping me sew said bells on to the elf hats.

I snapped a few pictures before we destroyed the pile of presents.  
Zac and Dad....and for some reason I think they look a little alike in this picture...glasses and beards I guess...

Mom and Dad

I called the sisters as soon as Zac and I got to Mom's because we were an hour early.  I was just sure they would yell "Be right there!" Turns out, they were more like "Ok, see ya in an hour." 

Eventually the Daniels and Reids made it to the party.
Mag and Kylie

and the ever-smiley Penelope.

Zac showin off his super uncle skills before we got down to the real festivities.  

As I mentioned, we like a themed Christmas.  Mom and Dad got special elf hats, they were green AND red and had far more bells.  They rocked em. 

We all did really....

Even Ollie O found some festive antlers.
  Here she shows her disgust with uncle Zac insisting on wearing his Cubs hat over his elf hat.  Sub par uncle Zac. Sub Par.

Luckily Zac's hat fiasco didn't slow down Ev

Or Mom and the Beans

I painted the 3 of us girls for Mom a few years back.  I decided it was time for her to have her grandkids too.  Peneolope looks ridiculous.  It's the eyebrows.

Dad, lucky man that he is, got a bunch of new man toys for his soon to be butcher shop.  He was pumped. 

Beans was too.

Even in the middle of all the excitement we like to take a minute to pose for the camera.

Annie vogue-ing

We do too much P90X yoga....

There were a few more great pictures to come, but this post is already picture crazy so I will wait. This is really what Christmas is like with my family. Presents piled to the ceiling, wrapping paper EVERYWHERE and a good time had by all.  

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