Monday, January 30, 2012


As most of you know, there are a lot of big changes coming my way.  I can't really fathom yet what being a mom will be like.  I mean, logically, I know, but the experience of it I am not sure I can truly be prepared for.  It is a whole new life and I am intimidated by it a bit.  Luckily for me, I'm not the first woman in the world to go through it.  I have a great mom, so does my husband.  I have two sisters and 5 sisters-in-law to watch and learn from and I am so very happy to say, my best friend will be joining their ranks anytime now.  Literally.  She is in early labor right now!  It seems like just yesterday I was throwing her a baby shower and tomorrow (probably) I will be adding a new niece to my list.

I desperately want to call her every half hour to say "how ya feelin?" but I am trying not to make her whole labor a running commentary to me over the much as I would like it.  I am a little sad, however, because I haven't gotten a picture of the two of us pregnant at the same time.  We missed our opportunity at Christmas and I haven't seen her since then.  I am also afraid that I will miss being at the hospital. It's not that the hospital waiting is particularly fun, but I don't want her to need me and have me not be there for her.  (I know, I know, her husband and family will be there but I am the best friend, so I am allowed an inflated sense of self-importance in her life.)  I am afraid it is the way it's gotta be though.  I have to work all day tomorrow so afterward I will be hightailing it the almost 2 hours to try to make the birth of my best friends first little girl.  I CAN'T WAIT! It will be a long night of not really sleeping for me.  So everyone, say prayers.  

Say prayers that Courtney has a safe and easy labor.  That she can make it to a 6 before she needs paid meds (it's her goal).  That baby Hazel is absolutely perfectly healthy. That Matt is supportive and attentive.  That I don't get a mega speeding ticket and I make it there just before baby with my super nice camera built for just the occasion. Thank you and Amen. 


  1. Ab you crack me up! I will say prayers for you both and I super hope you can make it there before Hazel arrives. (without the mega speeding ticket).

  2. How exciting!! My best friend is having her first baby (Sara Kathryn) in April and I am so excited. Prayers for you, your friend and Hazel. :-)

  3. Prayers being sent from California. How exciting!


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