Monday, February 6, 2012

Hazel has arrived

I posted last week about my best friend being in labor....and she was...but they weren't interested in heping the process along, so she was sent home from the hospital.  Courtney toughed things out at home until last night when her water started leaking.  Off to the hospital they went, she was dilated to a 6 and 100% effaced.  Fast forward to 2:30 this morning and Hazel Jane has made her appearance!  She is so much bigger than I would have guess at 8lbs 13oz.  She is 21 inches long.  I had told Courtney a whle back, that I predicted Hazel would be born on the 7th...I was close!  The best part, this is her husband Matt's Grandma's birthday.  I'm not sure how old Rosemary is today, but I already know her favorite present!  I get to go meet her send a shout out to God and tell him to move around my speeding ticket prayers to today (and everyday really...lead foot, it's my worst habit).  Enjoy the few pictures I have for now.

Hazel Jane

Courtney and Matt

Hazel and Aunt Michelle

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