Wednesday, February 15, 2012

12 weeks!

Today was my 12 week visit with my OB.  They said he had student observers and asked if they could come in, which didn't bother me a bit.  We were like sardines in that treatment room for my second ultrasound.  It was almost commical how one after another came in to introduce themselves and shake hands.  I was well prepared for the extra observers....but not so prepared for the second vaginal ultrasound.  Had no idea that was coming.  I'm afraid Maggie may have mislead me when I asked what went on at the 12 week visit.  I am just thrilled I had on clean underpants :)  I do wish I had known because I didn't have Zac with me.  Let me just start by saying holy differentiation, my baby is so much bigger now!  See for yourselves!

Week 8 ultrasound

Week 12 ultrasound

Is that not unbelievable?!  I could see baby's profile a bit at 8 weeks and little buds, but what a difference 4 weeks makes!  I was thrilled to see baby's spine and heart beat and buddha belly.  I have LOTS of pictures from this ultrasound (thank you Dr. M, I appreciate them so much) and was pumped to sit down and show them all to Zac.  I am really sad he missed it, he would have loved it.  Baby kept dancin around, flingin his arms and rolling.  Dr. M measured baby's heart rate, 158 for those of you that know what the heart rate stuff is supposed to mean.  

For some unknown reason I think baby is a boy.  Maybe it is because Zac really wants a boy and boy is in my head now.  Maybe it is because my sisters insist that my baby is big, bigger than their babies ever were and I assume if so, baby is a big boy.  I don't know, after seeing the 4 week difference, Maggie is probably right,  my baby is a beast :) 


  1. Your baby is precious! Isn't it funny that you can look at that little cashew (that's what I called Vada) and say that he or she is already cute?!

  2. Yeah for your little beast! I can't believe the difference in just 4 weeks! I love Dr. M too he's the BEST!

  3. Wow! After three kidnicks of my own, I still find this utterly amazing! Continued Blessings.


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