Monday, March 8, 2010

Breaking may be a little while before I start posting again.  I have a very big, very messy trailer to finish then move into,  a label to develop and then make dozens of for my candles, many paintings (which I've not even started) to do for Ethel Edith, a presentation to finish for my talk on Wed night as well as about 450 households to call for work and then my regular job which I go to 6 days a week.  I'm busy.  Too busy for my blog.  Which is kinda like how Right Said Fred was too sexy for his shirt.  Anyway, forgive me and pray for me for a couple weeks (hopefully not that long) as I try my best to renovate, create, paint, clean, doctor and not yell at my husband for watching without helping, even though he is getting better about it.



  1. Ill help you with whatever I can... stick on labels ,clean and paint that trailer. You know we are a force when we all show up and hit it !!

  2. Let me know what we can do. Our trailer is finally rented - we just have to build the shed & we're available :)


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