Friday, March 26, 2010

Sneak Peak

As you all know, I've been working like crazy to get this trailer done.  Most days I get home at 5:30 or 6:30, change, head to the trailer then work til 9:30 or 10:30. Zac and I took Monday off two weeks ago to work a full day and since then, we haven't missed a day.  We are tired, but, on the up and up, we are making progress, lots of progress.  We are texturizing the walls in the master and bathroom tonight, painting tomorrow, laying floors this weekend, then it's little stuff from there.  We should be moving in next weekend!  Without futher ado...your sneak peak.

This is the office when I started

Notice the holes in the wall, the blue carpet, and the little strips that hide where one piece of drywall meets the other.
Unlike almost every other room, this one had a door that wasn't broken. (I had to throw out the closet door)

We ripped out the bad drywall, pulled down all the strips, removed the bad carpet
Then we replaced all the outlets, the light fixtures, the drywall and repaired the floor vents.  We texturized the walls, painted, put in new carpet and pad and then did base boards.  Here is the finished room...well, part of it.  This 

The house is coming along.  This is the transformation of just one room.  We have redone EVERY room.  I will post more after we finish it up and, of course, after we have moved in and decorated.

PS  If any of you would like to spend your Easter moving us, just let me know :)


  1. i'll send caroline to the grandma cathy's and i'll see you there!

  2. OH boy! I can't believe you are moving again! I'll try to get a sitter lined up and count me in.

  3. Kolby and I should be able to help. just let us know :)

  4. you are one hardcore, hard working lady!!
    it looks awesome and i can't wait to see the rest:O)


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