Friday, December 10, 2010

Dance magic dance!

Tonight I am hosting one of the most ridiculously awesome parties I've ever been privy to attend.  It's a (get ready for it) LABYRINTH PARTY!  When my sisters and I were little we watched this movie all the time and it blew our minds.  Just look at this poster.  See how David Bowie is drawing you in with his cat eyes....he wants you to watch Labyrinth, and you want to, he can see it in his crystal ball!
Just incase his look alone isn't enough to convince you, perhaps you'd like to take a peak at the original trailer for the film.  That's right girls, the imagination of Jim Henson, the wizardry of George Lucas, the excitement of David Bowie (in super tight pants with big hair no less)!  It's amazing.  Just check him out here, can someone say seduction (hahahahaha classic). 
Basically the girl in the picture above is forced into watching her little brother Toby.  She resents it, wishes him gone, and David Bowie, as an evil king comes and steals Toby away to the Labyrinth.  She must then find her way through the maze to find her little brother before he is officially an evil prince.  On the way she runs into many crazy puppets and a bog of eternal stench, talking hand faces and characters of all types.  My mom claims she's never seen it (apparently it shut us up and kept us busy so she took that time to get things done around the house).  I was shocked and that made the sisters and I wonder who else might not have been witness to the glory that is Labyrinth.  Before you know it, I've got a party planned and it's not just mom and the sisters, but my cousin Ellen and her two girls, Aunt Jamie, our friends Melissa, Jamie H. and Jamie M. that will basking in the Bowie tonight.  Jealous much?  I thought so.  Especially since there will be popcorn and brownies and cheese dip.  
I encourage everyone out there to buy this movie.  Invest in your happiness.  Just do it, after all, David Bowie wants you, just look at him and try to deny that!

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