Saturday, December 11, 2010

From boring to bright

I tend to collect an eclectic mix of furniture.  This was the case, especially in my bedroom.   I had a waterfall style short dresser, a modern side table and a buffet that we used as a second dresser.  It wasn't too long before I got sick of the mix and match look.  
I liked the dresser wooden, but it was fairly cheap and I had put a candle warmer on the top that de-laminated a small part of the top and made it look all dried out.  
This little guy I also liked, but was a boring. I did, however, hate this piece.  I painted it orange but it seriously took like 6 coats to cover and never fully cured, so it felt permanently tacky.  
So, this summer the sisters and I finished a dresser for one of our Ethel Edith shows.  It didn't sell so I claimed it for myself and hauled off that orange one with a quickness.  Viola!  Great turquoise dresser.  
 After that I started to dislike the other two pieces more.  I debated about what color to paint them and decided just keep a little continuity.  A few days later I drug everything outside, annoyed my neighbors with lots of sanding, and before the end of the day, had a whole new bedroom set.  
Dresser, check, sidetable, check.  You can't see the side table very well, but it is still the same look, just poor picture taking on my part.  

You may also notice, the bedding is completely different.  This is because we now have a king bed, which is an excellent reason for new bedding!  I love this set from Kohls.  It's called Thyme and it is really cute.  I want to get the matching sheets, but we will have to wait for another 30% coupon for that.  Anyway, hope you love it because I do.  Yay to turquoise!  Now all I need to do is fashion a headboard and I will be set!


  1. Hi Abbie:

    I love the turquoise dresser and the bedding is great. We bought a king size bed last year for Christmas and we LOVE it.



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