Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where, oh where, can anything be?

I honestly believe that by nature men are slightly blind.  At least this is the case for my dear husband...that can never seem to find things even though I KNOW they are where I tell him (I shouldn't have to tell him, we both live in the same house, I mean come on) and I can find it for him in the spot I say.  This was the case awhile back when Zac got a little thirsty.  He was at home and wanted to make tea.  He had to call me at work to find out where it was.  I told him, "In the cabinet where it always is.  Did you look for it?"  To which Zac said, "(scoff)Yeah, but I am not searching through every cabinet to find the tea."  I replied, of course, with "Seriously, we keep food in FOUR cabinets.  Just open them up!" The tea is just one example.  I just have to laugh because this happens on a regular basis with everyday items, like extra toilet paper, his work shirts, and tooth paste.  He is ridiculous and I love him because it is that ridiculousness that cracks me up on a daily basis :)


  1. They have a chromosome called "I can't find it because I need it at eye level."

  2. It must be genetic in the Ballards. Uncle Jay has asked that I count to 10 before returning with the item that he looked for and couldn't find!!! (That way he thinks I at least had to look a little for it.)

    Aunt Jean


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