Thursday, March 3, 2011

A crappy way to start the day

My best friend called me yesterday with the most ridiculous story I've heard in awhile.  She is a teacher at a little school near Champaign (IL).  It is a consolidated school so it kinda sits out in the middle of nowhere.  The principal got there to open the doors in the morning and found a not so pleasant surprise.  There, in the center of the concrete, right in front of the building was poop.  He got a little curious.  It was just an odd spot.  Stray dogs don't generally wander all the way out to that schoool.  He figured he's check out the security footage to find out just what kind of crazy animals are prowling the campus at night.  Off to his office he went.  Rewind, rewind, rewind, fast forward, nothing, fast forward, nothing, fast forward then Ah! Something!  

What I'm about to tell you is both shocking and overwhelmingly absurd.  There, in black and white security footage pulls up a garbage truck.  The headlights lit the footage, so you could see it clearly.  The garbage man got of the truck, dropped trou, and shat square on the sidewalk.  Unbelievable!  But it happened.  What grown-up is so mad about his job that he decides to poop on a school sidewalk?  Was it a personal vendetta?  Was it a message to someone? Maybe a threat?  Is the mob now sending a message but instead of dumping concrete on bodies they are just plain dumping on concrete?  While I have no real desire to see the footage, I am dying to know why this happened!  I just want to you imagine what this might have looked like and ask yourself today "have I, in any way, wronged my garbage man?"  Happy laughing!

P.S.  Can you even imagine the conversation between the principal and the garbage guy's supervisor.  "Yes this is Principal Smith...uh, we've got a situation here.  It seems that the garbage man took a crap on the sidewalk here outside the school.  Uh huh, yes sir, pooped on the sidewalk." 


  1. haha my garbage men come in pairs... don't wrong them!

  2. That is the most disturbing thing I have heard in awhile! :-)


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