Friday, March 25, 2011

You're too sweet

Somedays some foods gross me out.  Generally it's something slimey.  I don't dig on certain textures.  Like jello, ew. I also am not a big fan of seafood.  I try, but I don't like that it's sweet.  I can do shrimp, but if you are a lobster or a crab, get outta my face.  Oysters, tried it, gagged.  Just looking at this picture of one makes me kinda cringy.  

 Lately though I just can't seem to handle much sweet food.  I already dislike icing, especially the really thick cream cheese kind everyone else seems to love.  In fact I almost always take the paper wrapper off of a cupcake then turn the cupcake upside down in the wrapper and scrape the icing off. Sorry cupcakes,   you are delicious,  I just don't like icing.  It is simply too sweet.  I can only handle about 1/2 a can of regular soda then I hit my threshold.  And diet soda, I might as well snack on sugar cubes.  Yuck. 

How to Make Cupcakes How to Make Cupcakes

 For breakfast today I was overwhelmed by cornflakes.  Who sugar coated that business?  They need to reel it in a bit.  I followed it up by a banana.  I like bananas that are barely yellow.  Once they get ripe enough to be sweet or kinda soft I can't deal with it....or the texture.  They have to become banana bread or face the terrible fate of the garbage can.  I have 3 bananas to eat today, because come tomorrow I won't be able to handle them.  It's ridiculous, I know, but I try not to be wasteful or finicky.  Just turns out today is gonna be a three banana day.  Looks like I'm gonna be drunk off bananas.  It could be worse.  I could be drunk off pancakes and that would ruin my diet big time.  Hope you are enjoying your day.  Eat something sweet for me!


  1. Since I've gotten pregnant I'm not as into sweets either. But hello crab and lobster YUM! and I totally agree with you on the banana thing...greenish is best!

  2. I'll take your icing ... please.

  3. I am with you on the bananas! Jerrod always asks me why I buy them if I'm not going to eat them....(i do eat them just on the one day only that they are a greenish/yellow color) In fact I think I may have been drunk on bananas too....Now with the icing i'm afraid I don't suffer from the "too sweet" problem...I do wish that was the case though.


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