Saturday, March 5, 2011

I have a dream...

Well, lots of dreams really.  I am a nightly dreamer.  Lately my dreams have been downright crazy.  Crazy!    Annie told me Aubrie lost her teeth the same night I have a fairly drawn out anxiety dream about losing my teeth.  I had multiple bizarro dreams last night.  Started with a class trip to a lake where I was canoeing around, then realized that my "team" had just won and there was an awards ceremony that I had to run away from to avoid a killer in a beat-up truck.  In the dream he stabbed me behind the knee when I was trying to escape in a car.  Behind the knee.  Awful.  That's about when I woke up.  Then fell back asleep to have a deep sea diving dream in which I spear fished to catch a giant (like dolphin sized) sturgeon.  The most bizarre part is that I was swimming with these giant fish in an underground cave and thought it was AWESOME.  Fish creep me out, big time.  I had a hard time snorkeling on a vacation because I could see how close they were to me.  I could never be comfortable with that, but I was loving it!  Anyway, my mom says dreams are only entertaining to the people that have them (this is mostly after I tell her about an odd dream) but it has been so crazy lately they are still popping into my head today and it makes me uncomfortable.  I thought maybe if I put them out there for the whole world to see, maybe I might have a normal, boring dream tonight about dinner and a movie with Zac.  Here's to hopin...and dreamin.  


  1. Actually I laughed at the first dream so whadda I know?!

  2. oh and this first song should be Casey's wedding song AGREED


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