Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sew great!

Awhile back I wrote a blog about how I just decide I know how to do things and use my stubborness and my ram-iness to make up for my lack of know-how.  In that blog I sewed a baby quilt for Miss Ollie.  I decide to make another baby quilt for Penelope.  I decided, after asking for and receiving good advice, to do things a little different this time.  I picked out Penny Pea's fabric and am just loving how cute it is.  

I sewed my squares into strips first, then sewed my strips into my top.  It was a little less straight than Ollie's quilt (when I started in the center) so I sewed strips together and put on a border to square it up.  I added a layer of batting and a flannel back, then my cousin Ellen taught me how to do binding.  The next step was hand stitching the binding on the back.  This is my finished quilt...

It turned out so stinking good I can hardly believe I made it.  I actually felt bad that Ollie's was not as good.  So what do you do in that situation.  You do Ollie's over.  Which is exactly what I did.  This was Ollie O's after I put my new skills to the test.

I love them both!  My best friend also announced that she is expecting, so I will be whippin out a blanket for her bean too.  It is my new project and I am pumped! It is gonna be adorable.  

I have been feeling inspired by all of it....and I my have gone a little etsy fabric crazy but just look at these fabrics I've got coming.

AVIARY 2  Joel Dewberry 6 Fat Quarter Pack Cotton Quilt Fabric

Dena Designs KUMARI GARDEN 6 Fat Quarter Pack Bundle   Cotton Quilt Fabric

Amy Butler Soul Blossoms 6 Fat Quarter Pack / Bundle Cotton Quilt Apparel  Fabric

6 Fat Quarters, Amy Butler Daisy Chain, Turquoise Blue, Quilt Fabric

NEW Tea Garden by Dena Designs 8 FQs  Quilt Apparel Fabric

Exciting right?  Oh how I love them.  Now I just gotta start having kids of my own so I can keep them :)


  1. i be copying this here post right here and now. hehe

  2. They look great! You did a dine job rammie!!! Uh, I mean Abbie... ;)

  3. I love the blankets! I wish that I could sew! So I'm on my cell and haven't fully ventured into your full blog... But, your header/title picture, is that for real? I am so interested in the story behind that pictures!

  4. OK then! The blankets are precious...the last sentence is awesome. I'm kind of a stalker, but feel like I know your mom, the grandkiddos, and YOU :)


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