Thursday, July 21, 2011


In an article written on July 15th of this year one of GQ's writers described the fashion sense in Boston as such... "Due to so much local inbreeding, Bostons suffers from a kind of Style Down Syndrome, where a little extra ends up ruining everything."  Is that not unbelievable?!  Like my sister Annie said, if we do not advocate for those we love, who will?  In response to such a completely inconsiderate, rude, thoughtless article, a petition has been started to demand that GQ take steps toward correcting this glaring oversight and apologize for such demeaning, uneducated comments.  I am still shocked at a grown man would write those words and think they were clever and not completely insensitive.  I can only figure that Mr. Thompson's editor must share his penchant for making baseless, asinine statements.  Honestly, how could anyone ever look at this face and say an extra chromosome ruined her?  She is clearly perfect!

Please take a minute to throw your name on the petition.  Let Ollie know that YOU will stand up for her.  In my opinion GQ and John Thompson should consider an article that showcases the accomplishments of individuals with Down Syndrome, maybe then, such complete ignorance would not be propagated.  At least a minimal amount of tact in future articles, especially those mentioning an already completely misunderstood genetic condition, would be greatly appreciated by those with Down Syndrome, their family and friends. 


  1. You have a wonderful family who isn't afraid to rock the boat, AMEN! Little Miss Ollie is destined for greatness...


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