Monday, September 12, 2011

Get ready to smile

Somedays I am overwhelmed with what I need to finish in a day.  It seems I wake up with a list a mile long and it just gets longer.  Today was a little bit like that.   Luckily I got most of my stuff done.  On my list was a client piece of artwork.  I tell ya, I love being somewhat of a freelance artist.....more to the point I love being somewhat of an artist.  Most of all I love that when someone asks me to do a painting, I know that they like my silly, wonky sense of what's perfect.  This little guy, is perfect.  Meet Yankee, he is a fainting goat and my newest muse. 

His goat mom, Jill, saw a very wonky cow painting I did for a friend's show and loved it.  She promptly requested I see her facebook page and paint a goat for her.  As I flipped through her pictures at work one day I laughed out loud when I landed on his handsome mug.  I knew I'd found the goat that I should paint.  I finally got around to getting it done (after I promised to do it over the holiday weekend and forgot) and I am SO in love with the outcome.  This is my version of the sweet mister Yankee.

I also laughed out loud at the Yankee I painted.  I love this painting so much I wish I could keep it myself!  I can only hope my kids will see my stuff one day and see that my silly folk art is not picture-perfect reproductions or realistic drawings of what is directly in front of me, but rather painting from the heart and that's what makes it wonderful.  I sent Jill the picture and she and her husband agree, it has captured Yankee.  Another happy client and one more thing marked off my list.  It's a good way to end the day! 

P.S.  if you need a smile, hop on over to Jill's Facebook page and flip through the pictures of her darling little goats.  They will make your day!


  1. I love it! I wish people would pay me for my paintings :-)

  2. haha a fainting goat> I have a pissing male dog you could paint...Harley.
    Heiserman and I have decided to pretend we are running the marathon with you. I will be in booty shorts and a bra top.


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