Monday, September 5, 2011


Zac does things that make no sense.  Whatsoever.  For a long time it drove me crazy and I would constantly ask him to stop it.  He didn't.  He still doesn't.  I've accepted it because it's really not worth an arguement.  What things you ask?  Exhibit A:  Zac's pajamas (yeah, I know, they are cargo shorts, you can read more about his ridiculousness here) in the kitchen, taking up a space at the table.  This is everyday.  Why he continues to do this I don't know.  Why he doesn't get dressed in the bedroom since he's getting up at a normal hour now, I don't know.  But this is what he does, undresses in the kitchen and leaves his pajamas, which I then move to the bedroom, everyday.  

The other silly thing he does, puts things near where they go, but not exactly where they go.  Case in point, the change jar on his bedside table.  So close, yet so far away.  Also notice the glass of tea.  He takes a drink to bed every night, then leaves it in the bedroom until the next evening.  Then he replaces it with a fresh drink.  I still am not sure why he doesn't take it with him to the kitchen when he goes there to get undressed in the morning.  I think I'll never know. 

This is the thing that drives me the most crazy.  

This is a shot of the inside of Zac's closet and the bedroom.  This I used to get so pissed over.  I would think I had all the laundry done, go to put stuff away, and then find a pile of laundry in Zac's closet.  As you can see, the basket is right there.  Right there!  I told Zac that if he didn't stop, we were fighting.  That didn't work.  I also threatened to stop doing his laundry and to slap him to the ground.  He called my bluff on both. 

I have come to terms with Zac's idiosyncrasies.  I have my own.  I like to leave kitchen cabinet doors open.  I also like to spread my projects all over the kitchen table for weeks at a time (I am working on them...but it is a mess).  I also like to switch sides of the bed on a whim.  I guess if he can deal with my 75 degree comfort zone and my taking over of his bathroom sink, then I can deal with his smelly feet and his inability to fold a towel correctly.  That's marriage people and what love is really about.    


  1. he is rotten and so are you. It's about time you blogged. And clean up that joint I am coming over with my white gloves. haha

  2. Oh the things we do for love! Although he does tolerate my endless amount of crafting junk lingering around the house all the time. But I seriously couldn't even think about switching bed sides on a whim (at least not on purpose)It doesn't count that I sleep sideways or carry on ridiculous conversations in my sleep....I should stop talking, it is starting to sound like maybe I'm a real pain in the a**

  3. Sigh. (Wish I could tell you anything will change in 40 years, but I can't.)

  4. It could be in the Ballard genetic code...


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