Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mesh shorts

I have a unique husband; he is the single most clothed man I've ever met.  Most guys take their shirts off when it's flaming hot, Zac will just sweat clear through his.  He immediately dresses after shower and never, never, goes without socks.  Likewise, he sleeps fully clothed.  My last boyfriend was not like that, he went without a shirt often and liked to sleep in his underwear, that's all (like most boys I've ever know).  I mean, that's even how my dad sleeps, tighty whiteys and lots of freedom otherwise.  When I started dating Zac I thought it was odd that he slept fully clothed, but I figured he was modest or shy and didn't think anything of it.  I eventually found out he didn't like his feet, or his knees because they look a little different due to Osgood-Schlatters and that was the reason behind him sleeping in a t-shirt, pj pants and socks. 

 The pants thing I get, I personally don't like when my legs touch when I sleep (what's up leggings! you rock to sleep in. my legs don't touch and you don't get twisted up.  nice!), but who sleeps in socks, honestly.  Now, he's started something a little new.  A couple years ago I bought him two pairs of shorts, a cute plaid pair and a pair of camo cargos for a trip to the Virgin Islands.  He wore them while we were there, then went back into refusal to show his legs mode.  About 2 weeks ago, he busted out the cargos as, you guessed it, sleeping shorts.  What?!  Could that be less comfortable?  

I told my sisters, who already find Zac's modesty amusing and Maggie demand I get him a pair of mesh shorts.  That's what her husband does and apparently Annie's too and Zac has just been left out of the loop.  So, I did and they are cute.  I gave them to him for our anniversary along with a few very random presents and he was not so impressed, but he did humor me and wear them.  I even have proof.
He wore these mesh shorts for two nights, then was gone to St. Louis for work.  (Zac works 2 hrs away so he stays with friends 3 nights a week)  When he gets up at the crack of dawn he gets dressed in the living room.  The downside you ask?  He leaves his pj shorts very random places.  The ottoman, the kitchen table, the recliner, ya just never know.  I put his shorts back in his dresser along with all his other pj pants because that's what makes sense.  Three nights later, when he was finally home again, he showered, put on boxers, then busted out the cargos again.

  I gave him the what for and he told me he couldn't find his other pair.  I told him I put them where they belong and he then proceeded to open every drawer in his dresser until he found them.  After he spotted them, he closed up the drawer and put on his cargo shorts.  I was shocked.  I, again, asked why he would do that to which Zac replied, "sometimes I just gotta have a little variety.  Plus, those mesh shorts are really thick."  

Mesh shorts are simply too thick for the man. That's my husband.  Completely illogical, but funny, or, what my family likes to call, stupid in a good way.  


  1. Boys are crazy! My husband doesn't like to wear shorts in public because he thinks his legs are too hairy. They look normal to me! His clothes end up all over the house too. His underwear was on our couch this morning. :-)

  2. LOL this is too funny! I agree that the cargo shorts would NOT be comfortable to sleep in... and the mesh shorts being too thick-- bwah ha ha!
    It might be better that way. My boyfriend sleeps in his tighty whiteys, and all I can think of is what if we have a fire or if someone tries to get into our trailer! I would be the more embarassed one! LOL

  3. He is crazy I say as I sit here writing this in cargo shorts... not really ha! Those would not be comfy at all. Guess you need to try a nightshirt! He could rock that! I say one with Miley Cyrus on it!!

  4. wow I cannot imagine sleeping in cargo shorts...Kolby wears his mesh shorts to bed every night!

  5. Funny - boys are weird. I never thought of sleeping in leggings! I gotta get me some. I hate having my legs touch. Singleton Me would just wrap myself in blankets - but that's hard to do and share with your husband. I was starting to think I might need my own set of bedding or something :)


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