Saturday, June 26, 2010

A bushel and a peck

I recently wrote about how crazy the rain has been and I wrote once about my garden.  What I didn't tell you is that I keep a small garden at my house too.  The reason for this you ask?  Well, it had rained and rained so much that I couldn't seem to get my big garden tilled....and my plants looked so sad being out of the ground.  I just couldn't resist.  I planted a big orange pot full of herbs and gave the other to Zac to plant whatever he wanted in.  He, of course, chose peppers.  All kinds of peppers.  He put one big plant in the middle and six small plants surround it.  I told him it was a bad idea, that there were way too many plants in the pot.  He told me we had plenty left over so it didn't matter if they all died.  I was wrong.  The didn't die.  In fact, they are the best looking plants we've got.  They. Are. Huge.  I took this picture a week ago and it's gotten even bigger since then.  Plus, it's puttin on peppers like it's goin outta style.

And in the bottom is a little jalapeno guy...isn't he cute!
And for some perspective

The only problem with this crazy abundance of peppers is that neither of us remember what kinds we planted, so we don't know if these turn red, or if we are ok to go ahead and harvest.  Anyway, if you are a pepper connoisseur please let me know cause they are looking quite delicious!

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