Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting there

My best friend, Courtney, and I have been training our butts off for this 5K.  All is going great, really.  Which suprizes me a little but at the same time makes me proud.  We are half way through now.  I have until July 24th to really get prepped.  We had been doing Podrunner to train (which I think I mentioned before, but if not... it is a free podcast you download from Itunes and you simply run to the beat) and while it really was a good way to get back into or establish a running habit, I'm kinda over it.  I'm to the point now where I just wanna run when I wanna run and walk when I can't breathe and that sorta thing.  Courtney agreed and we abandoned Podrunner.  Sorry Podrunner.

Last Wednesday I realized I could run a mile straight and then Friday I proved it again.  I ran it not all that fast, but straight through.  I decided I wanted to know just how good (or bad) I was at this point so I know how far I have to go.  I made up my mind that last night would be a big run for me, my first 5K trial.  I ran from the high school in my hometown, to our park, around it, and back which is just under 3 miles, so close enough to have an idea.  I am happy to report that the trial took me 31 minutes.  No idea how many seconds.  I am sad to report that I can't run it all and that I'm not great at pacing myself, so I busted out that first 3/4 mile in about 6 and 1/2 minutes and then had to walk the rest which made my first mile 10 minutes....but oh well.  I called Zac to tell him, since he is in St. Louis and he told me that was great, now I just need a goal, which made me laugh cause I thought running a 5K was goal enough.  He said it "kinda is" but said that he thought a goal of 24 minutes was much better.  Oh my.....8 minute miles.  I think I need to be able to run it straight first, but I guess I've got something to shoot for.

Anyway, say prayers for me, I'm gonna need them as I kick it into high gear.  My plan is to run 2x/week on the street and a 5K/week on the track and work myself up to running it all and then apparently shaving off 6 minutes.  My husband, he is somethin else.



  1. good for you! I couldn't run if I was being chased by gangsters with knives.

  2. I agree with Janna only I wouldn't run if my ass was on fire!


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