Friday, June 11, 2010

"How's that hair goin?"

I am fortunate to be able to work with kids at my job.  They just brighten my day.  On Thursday I got a new baby in for her first adjustment.  She was 1 month old and just so sweet.  She was still a little one, just now breaking the 7lb mark.  She felt tiny since I'm used to Caroline the 20lb chunk.  Check her out in this picture, sleeping hard core on her Uncle Zac.  Anyway, this baby just felt tiny and she was having a few issues, constipation and colic, so it was time to get her worked on a little.  I just am so thankful that  she was brought to see me and I sure hope what I was able to do with her yesterday clears things up. 
Today the massage therapist that rents a room in our office brought in all her girls.  I'm so lucky to have someone to swap services with.  I adjust Gina and all her girls on a regular basis, everything from bladder infections to earaches, headaches, and good old fashioned wipe-outs bring them in to the office and I get a massage in exchange.  Sweet tits that's a good deal! (hahaha, sweet tits, what a ridiculously hilarious saying)  

Gina's got 4 girls ages 9, 7, 4 and 20 months.  They are a handful, but so funny.  The littlest is quite dutchy still, but I make out what she's saying.  Today when she was leaving she proclaimed "doka buyar (dr. ballard)  I dot TWO sutters!"  Apparently she hit the candy bowl pretty hard and ended up with two suckers.  She explained to her mom that she NEEDED two, which cracked me up.  The best thing I think I heard from the girls today was when they first came in though. They were all in one room and I walked in, asked the oldest one, Emily, "so, how's it been goin?"  To which she replied, "Good, how's that hair goin?"  Apparently she had not seen me since I had Maggie colored my hair dark.  It was a big change from this red
to this dark brown.
I was taken back a bit, didn't expect a "how's that hair goin"  Crack me up.  Kids say the most random things!


  1. Love the hair and the story. Sweet Tits? Never heard that one, but I'll be using it for sure.


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