Monday, June 21, 2010

Cornflower blue

As most of you know, my sisters and I had another show for our business, Ethel Edith.  We got all set up on Saturday then did a little shopping for ourselves and found some great loot.  On Sunday, we headed up to our booth early, got everything set up and then did another lap around the market.  Entrance started at 8am, but we were pretty far into the market.  We knew it would take awhile for everyone to filter back to us and it felt like forever.  We waited and waited and waited, then waited some more.  Finally, things started to move.  We sold quite a few of our big pieces, but I had been discouraged up to that point.  Around 3 we started loading up our trailer and we were on the road at 4.  On the drive home I was talking to Zac and told him about how disappointed I had been initially been and how glad I was that we had sold what we did, but of course, I wished we had sold a couple more tables, etc.  (which I'm sure I would have said anyway, regardless of how good we had done).  He, being the sweetheart that he is, tried to console me after the fact.  He told me we did great and that as long as we had fun it was all worth it.  He followed up by saying that our style is not for everyone, it is bold and lots of people don't know how to work with color.
He said, "you have to keep in mind that most people decorate with browns and tans and cauliflower blues, not bright stuff."
To which I replied, "you mean cornflower blue?"
"Yeah, cornflower.  But, there is blue cauliflower.  I saw it on Iron Chef."
He is just the best!

Hope that made ya smile.


  1. Cauliflower blue huh?? That is absolutely priceless! We so enjoyed seeing all of you and I'm so happy you sold some of the big stuff. Are you guys going back next month?

    By the way, I loooovee my orange mirror.


  2. Oh my gosh, that is something my husband would say. Cute.


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