Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our First Anniversary

Zac and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary this past Sunday.  Following tradition, I wanted to have a nice dinner and follow up with the top tier of our wedding cake....wasn't possible.  That's because we didn't have a top tier.  We made sheet cakes for our wedding, Zac's mom's recipe.  I decided to make one, even though it is my foe.  I kinda messed up the icing...again, but it's still delicious!
We made plans to head to St. Louis.  We figured we'd spend the day there, get a sweet lunch in the city, kill some time, then head to a ball game.  Unfortunately, I had a patient to see Sunday morning, but we did that early, then got on the road.  
Us on anniversary #1

First things first, lunch.  Zac can't deal with being hungry and I'm not always so great either.  Especially when all we had for breakfast was wedding cake :)  Zac love barbeque and has been to Pappy's Smokehouse multiple times.  
He insisted that it was the best in STL and that I would love it.  Having watched The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Barbeque on Food Network the night before, I was up for it.  Zac got the ribs and it looked delicious!
It was so good, he couodn't take the time to pose for a picture, so this is what I got. (notice the line of people waiting to the right)
Zac was right, it was faboo!  From there we went to Euclid Records to check out some vinyl.  

We both wandered, found a new record and then decided to head to the mall to kill a little time and have some Ben and Jerry's.  We headed to St. Louis too early really.  By 3:30 we were both ready to sit down and chill out for awhile.  Our solution, Boarders.  We both read few a couple magazines, a book of house plans, and felt not nearly as tired by the time a hour had passed.  Our reason for heading to St. Louis (aside from great food) was to go to see a Gateway Grizzlies game.  The stadium was really quite nice, as were our seats. 
We got front row seats, right behind the home dugout for $10 each.  This was our view.  Not bad eh?  Plus, we had cupholders attached to the dugout in front of us and plenty of leg room.  The sun was at our backs and there was a nice breeze.  It was just perfect, beautiful weather.
The game was fun, a record night for the Grizzlies who won 25-1.  Amazing right!  And the food was delicious.  Man vs. Food just had a show which featured one of their burgers.  It's a regular old buger, but the bun is a Krispy Kreme donut.  Of course we had to have one, and the philly cheesesteak nachos. The other great thing, the stadium had fun little events, like these two guys, who were in a race to unroll and put on a frozen t-shirt.  It cracked me up!
And they had a three legged race of sorts, except it was 4 little kids and they were inside a pair of gigantic underwear.  Too funny.  They also have giant blow-up bouncy houses and the such for the kiddos, so it was very family friendly.  Zac and I stayed for 5 innings and headed home.  We made it back about 9:30, so not too late.  Unfortunatley still early enough that I made myself go run, but the weather was so perfect yesterday I coudn't justify not running.  

All-in-all, it was a perfect day.  Now for next year, we just have to plan in an afternoon nap and there will be no way to top it!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful anniversary! That cake looks sooooo good!

  2. Happy Anniversary, girl! I think we are on the same day! What fun. I love your comment about the crying. Welcome to the crier club. It is a great place to be! :)

  3. Congrats my friend!! sounds like a lovely lovely day!
    we are friends with Pappy's co owners--- isn't it SO GOOD!?!?!
    that cake looks so delish too:O)


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