Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How bout that green thumb

You may or may not know that I have 2 blogs.  My second is my 101 goals to accomplish in the next 1001 (minus about 150) days.  One of those goals was to plan spring seedlings for my garden.  I did that....poorly.  I planted them all and they were growing well until I decided to set them on top of the fridge and then forgot about them.  It was kinda sad.  But it's ok now, cause my garden is finally in!  Mom and Dad let me plant it at their house considering my "yard" at the trailer park is little more than 10 ft wide by 80ft long.  Dad tilled it for me which was awesome.  He also told me that he sharpened the mower blades for the first time I let the garden turn into a weed patch.   He is so sweet :)

Zac and I made it out to plant the garden this weekend.  I had high hopes.  I fully expected that this garden would be just beautiful, like the hillside gardens we saw in Italy.   Like this.   italian vegetable garden

Not so much.  We had lots to plant.  Zac went with me to Menards and I planned on picking up a couple little plants.  Shoulda known better.  He picked like 6 different kinds of peppers and all kinds of herbs, then told me he didn't wanna help plant them.  He's that ridiculous.  I made him anyway.  We started off by re-tilling the whole thing again.  Then we raked it kinda smooth to start.
Zac started on the east side planting peppers and I started making a hill, one big long one, for potatoes.  Then I planted another row of potatoes and a row of yellow, white, and red onions.  Zac finished up the peppers, planted a few tomato plants and then we worked on the middle together.  We planted zucchini, cucumbers, brocolli, squash, and watermelon.  This was when we were done.
Our hills of potato, row of onion, and hill of zucchini/squash.  Then our ridiculous number of pepper plants.
Everything got a good long soak with the sprinkler after this.  I'm excited.  I've not planted my own garden before, well, other than a planter of herbs.  I'm not sure I did it all right.  We had too much and I laughed hard when Zac decided the rest of the seeds should be thrown about the edges of the garden since I had no real plan anyway.  He just loves to make fun of me.  Regardless, I believe that it wall all turn out ok anyway.  Mom kept yelling that my squash was too close to the melons and that the flavors would cross, but oh well.   I am pumped about it!  Here's to hoping that my garden will make enough veggies to be able to feed Zac and I.  If not, I'm only out about $30 and it was fun.  Then again, we will see how much fun I think it is when I have to weed it!


  1. mom is right, one time we had watermelon and cantaloupe mix...not good!

  2. your garden looks great! i'm excited about ours too..i'm ready for some fresh food.

  3. it looks SO GREAT! i am SO JEALOUS!
    seriously. and i can't believe it was only $30. that's unreal.
    hey if the flavors mix just call it a waterloupe or a cantalmelon. you'll be famous?

  4. I don't think I was yelling, I was raging! hahaha You are a goof!


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