Thursday, May 6, 2010

I thought they were lying

Old people always used to tell me "time moves faster when you get older."  I always thought they were lying.  Until I woke up and realized that Carolbean is 8 months old and trying to crawl, Aubrie now has little girl legs, Everett speaks in full sentences (sometimes) and I've been married almost a year.  Plus, I'm a doctor now and am not in any classes which I can only barely handle.  It just seem so weird that its May.  May.  I have no idea where my time goes.  Every Monday I think "where did my weekend go" and every Friday I think "can't believe its the weekend already."  

This weekend is the big weekend.  The sisters and I have our spring show.  We started working in October and have so much to sell.  The problem is that I love it all.  If I could have just put it all in storage for when Zac and I built our house that would have been great.  The only thing that sucks is that I have to do a community health fair in the morning and will be missing the opening of our sale.  I was bummed, but the other doc in the office agreed that if I did 9-11 he'd do 11-1 which was very nice considering he has no real desire to participate at all.  I gotta wrap this up.  I've been swamped this week helping wrap up the EE stuff and helping my friend on her new house so I'm finishing up my real job stuff at home.  Posters here I come!

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  1. The stuff looks great! I want it all too and I have a house of great antiques that I already love -so alas no more stuff for me! It is going to be a fun day. Wish you were going top be there today for the set- up. It is my fav part!! love ya xoxo


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