Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm excited office is ugly.  I hate to say it, but it is.  Years ago Doc moved in to this office and I'm sure at that point it was stylin and profilin, but not now.  There are lots of fake floweres, a flower boarder in hunter green and rose and we have lots of green, well, everywhere, but not modern greens, hunter and jungle greens.  Its not me.  Seriously, if you followed that link, you know what I'm working with.  In all fairness, we share the building with Dollar General and there is a good possibility that they will want to expand which means we may be building a new place in a couple years so why sink money into a place you will be leaving.  It does need a facelift though and we are working on it.  I'm thriled because Doc had the broken cracked sign taken down and the outside was just repainted and looks great.

Now, time for the inside.  I picked out a paint color and that border is comin down!  Doc picked up the paint for me on Friday and it's sitting in the records room.  Its not exactly what I would pick for my home, but it will be great in our office.  It goes well with the existing chairs and counter tops (which are also green).  I'm starting with the biggest impact rooms, the waiting room and front desk area to make sure we all like it when it goes on the walls, then maybe we will expand down the hall and into the SIX treatment rooms, the exam room and the office, plus the bathroom and x-ray room.  The office is huge!  I am also gonna talk to my cousin jud who is an artist and see about getting some of his paintings to display so we can take down those fake flowers.  I just can't wait.  I'm supposed to do take down the border after Saturday office hours, but Zac is not home on Monday or Tuesday nights, so I think I may try to get the border down tomorrow night.  I will, of course, post before and after pictures.  Get excited too!  My office is getting a small facelift!


  1. Well I'm quite sure that when you and your mom and sisters get done with it, it will be fab! It was so much fun meeting you and I loooovvveee my canvas I got from you. My daughter wants to know if you can paint her an owl:)


  2. It will be great! I'm so glad you love the canvas. I dont think most people get folk art and think instead that i have no real artistic talent but i like to do it. i would be glad to do a painting for your daughter. have her pick out a canvas size and what colors she would like. Sounds like we are for sure doing bloomington in june, so hopefully we will see you there. we are calling tomorrow to find out how much the booths run. third sunday woohoo!!


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