Saturday, May 22, 2010

In the words of Jillian...I'm probably a little bit crazy

I have never been fit and trim.  On the contrary, I've been moderately muscled and curvy.  While I do have the distinct benefit of being tall and have been able to carry my weight well (or at least I tell myself that), I'm quite tired of it.  I got down to my lowest weight my senior year of high school.  I basically did the ephedra and mild anorexia diet for a summer and lost 30lbs.  Don't be concerned, I say it all in jest.  Anorexia is a serious problem, my only serious problem was finding time to eat while attending summer school and working 2 jobs.  But, it was still quite an effective diet.  I kept all that off until my second year of college.  Then I slowly put it on, then some.  I don't like weighing over 200 lbs, so it's diet time.  

I'm not a fan of dieting, lets be honest, who is.  I really just want to be healthier and not have a body image complex like so many other girls.  I will say, I'm not modest.  I've never been one to worry or care what others will think of me if I wear a two piece swimsuit.  I say to hell with them.  Plus, for the most part those I wear my swimsuit around are strangers and I'm on vacation so who is gonna tell my mom that she should be embarrased for me (which she would be, even if she says she wouldn't. it's true mom, and it's ok, it doesn't bother me.)  This is me, on vacation, in a (gasp) two piece.  Now, it's not that I look at that picture and think, "oh my, I was out of control," it's that I'm in no way comfortable weighing more than my husband, who's 6'4".  Like I said, it's not others' opinions of me that matter, it's just that I don't wanna hate my legs or arms or whatever.  
Since my birthday, April 10th, I've been making an effort to lose the weight.  Currently I'm down 15lbs and got 40 to go if I want to be back to my fighting weight again.  This has become my goal.   My sister Annie has also been gung-ho lately to get back in shape.  She's worried about her stomach and thighs and whatnot.  She wants to go balls-to-the-wall P90X style.  I've been there, done P90X.  Not interested right now.  (What my sisters seem to forget when worrying about their bodies is that they will never have to hold the title of "fattest sister."  That one's all mine.  Always has been.  Luckily, I also get "most educated" and "tallest" and "funniest" you guys know it, so suck it, ha!)

So, in an effort not to be the fattest sister anymore, cause really, why can't we all just be thin, I've decide to take more action.  Literally.  Physical action.  I signed up for my first 5K and am now "in training" for it.  It is on July 24th in Springfield IL.  I asked Annie and she said she'd train for it too, then I told her my best friend was gonna do it with me and she said, "oh good, that way you've got someone else if I back out." Hahaha.  Oh Annie, you are ridiculous.  But none the less.  I've been inspired to do it.  Somewhat by Annie, and also by Elise and her 5K and by Nancy who puts forth the effort to stay healthy on a regular basis.  I'll need your help to stay motivated, but I'm already registered and committed.  Just imagine, come July 24th, this will be me.  
Female Runner Stock Images
Well, at less of an awkward upward photo angle.  And with more of an urban background.  And with darker hair.  You get my point.  


  1. I would never be ashamed of you. I think you are beautiful!! You are a goon and I think you are hilarious!

  2. Good luck! I did my first 5k last summer and had NEVER been a runner. I was the chubby kid in grade school who couldn't even make it around the track once during the humiliating track and field day everyone had to compete in. It feels really good to set a goal and do it. I think it is great that you are doing it and good luck!! You are going to have such a good time! :-)

  3. Blog about PodRunner! I can't wait to start Week 2!!!!

  4. You're ridiculous! And I really think I am backing out of that 5K - I hate to run. We did P90x last night. I can't be in a slap fight today b/c I can't raise my arms. However, Jade & I actually had so much fun doing it together & it was good. We both liked it so there :) I'm going to be rocking a 2 piece again maybe as well!


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