Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm kinda listening

I am a movie kinda girl.  I would rather pop in a flick than surf channels anyday. Zac and I decided a long time ago that we didn't really need cable or Dish or Direct TV.  We opted for $14/month Netflix and I never regret it.  One thing I love is the variety (SO thrilled Netflix has instant streaming)  Zac and I have a tone of movies and even saying that is an understatement.  We have an overwhelming, almost embarassingly large collection....which is one of the reasons I never posted pictures of the office.  I really like to put in a movie while I do other things.  I like background noise while I work and I like it to be kinda mindless.  I like to know that even though my focus is elsewhere, I can jump right back into the plot at anytime.  The following are my most favorite movies
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I've seriously about worn out my copy.   It's starting to get little skips, but again, doesn't matter, I can pretty much quote the whole thing anyway.  I'm not 100% why I love this one so much, just do.  Love everything about it.

I can't get over John Goodman in this flick.  The way he yells at Donny and goes off on his tangents.  I know it's not for everyone, but it is for me!anchorman.jpg
Never fails to crack me up.  What can I say, I'm kind of a big deal and Ron Burgundy knows exactly what thats like. Everyday.

The Royal Tenenbaums - ben-stiller wallpaper

The dysfunction just makes them all so wonderful.  I love the narration and the house and, well, everything.  Again, not for everyone, but without a doubt my favorite of Wes Anderson's films.

I also throw in Office Space, Orange County, the Bourne Trilogy, and one other, but that's gonna be for another day.  Anyway, these are my faves, the ones for when I just want to kinda listen and the ones for when all I want for dinner is popcorn and a coke.  What are your go-to flicks?


  1. I LOVE Anchorman!!! They are supposed to do a sequel and I can't wait!!! The Big Lebowski is pretty great, too! Have you ever seen Burn After Reading?

  2. oh scothchy scotch scotch I do love me some Ron Burgundy! and I agree Burn after reading is hilarious in it's own way!

  3. i have seen burn after reading, brad pitt is just to great in that one. i still laugh everytime i picture him fist pumping as he runs on that treadmill, I love movies where a persons absolute craziness is what makes them likeable, it's refreshing i think.


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