Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bedroom Make-over

I have neglected my poor little bedroom. Here it is, almost June and my bedroom is still stuck in the fall.  This was what he looked like before.  The bedding is wonderful, I won't lie.  But not really very spring or summery.  
I switched it to my chenelle peacock bedspread, but it just looked a little dingy.  Then I switched it to a lime green geometric douvet cover that I got at Ikea.  This is the fabric.  Definately more summery.  I had it and then a solid teal pillow and it was not bad.  Not great, but not bad. went shopping!  She had been to my house on Monday and decided with me to change things up.  I told her I needed another solid bright color to go with the geometric and I would be good.  She told me "don't buy anything yet, I'm going to St. Louis on Wednesday and may find something great."  She was right.  
Mom picked up this quilt.  Same colors, but much cuter. 
It's even called spring leaves
I put him on the bed with a couple pillows and it looked great. Now, a dilemma. 
I have to decide.  Orange throw pillow, or green.  I need your help.  
Or green?
Oh I just can't decide.  One thing I knew for sure though, I had to change the lamp on the left side of the picture.  If you scroll back to the original, it was a brown base.  Just wouldn't do.  So out came the krylon olive leaf paint.  The only was night and we have our porch light sucks.  I took my shower last night and couldn't take it anymore.  I just had to paint!  This was me last night. Thanks dear husband for documenting my ridiculousness.  And yes....that is a headlamp so that I can work hands free!
Now for the finishing touches.  Because our bedroom is open to the bathroom, new rugs!
Aren't they great!
This is the view from my bedroom.
I've got the geometric pillows behind the white pillows right now, but I think I should switch them to a solid green or a solid orange, but it's no rush.  It's still so much brighter and I love it!  Whataya think?


  1. OOOOOHHHHHH, very happy color ! It all looks great and you're right - brighter !

    Enjoy and thanks for sharing,

    gena in nj

  2. it looks fabulous...i'm diggin the green pillow...but i like the orange too :)

  3. green I thought the 2 i bought would be enough do you have to have 3?

  4. Well I think I'm diggin it big time. That mom of yours....she's somethin isn't she!!! Well I vote for the orange for some contrast but then I heart orange ya know!


  5. i'm jealous. i hate shabby chic room now! i hate my bathrooms too. this isn't fair. mom, stop spoiling caroline and spoil me again! haha, does that make me a bad mom? oops!

  6. Love your color choice. I need to do something with our master bedroom, too. Setting the priorities is the hardest part of living life.

  7. I like the orange pillow & the geometric ones, but I'd have to see it in person so invite me over for a movie you stink!

    I agree Maggie - my kids don't need anything, but I need spoiled again :(


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