Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Holy 100!

I can't believe it....this is my 100th post.  Oh how time flies!  Over the past few months you've got to learn a lot about me.  You've learned the story of my husband and I, you've read about my many journeys, you've met my parents, seen my favorite things and even heard about my enemies.  You know about some of the good times, and some of the bad, you know about losing people and finding new interests and the things I would be, if I could be anything other than who/what I am. 

 The last year had been a year full of change and accomplishment.  Zac and I got married (finally).  We moved (3 times).  We bought and renovated 3 trailers.  We finally paid off my car. Our families have had two new babies (4 if you count extended family, I think).  I graduated and started practice. I lost 10lbs, found 15, lost 15.  I gained 5 inches of hair and wish I could gain another inch of height.   I traveled to the Bahamas, Europe, and Portland.  I realized that my best friend will always love me unconditionally, truly, undconditionally.  And, I rediscovered my love of painting.  Zac has gotten 3 promotions and turned down 2 other job opportunities.  Aubrie and Everett have grown up and made that subtle shift from being toddlers to little kids (complete with little girl legs and big boy underpants).  Caroline escaped Maggie womb and now stands and crawls and waves goodbye and shovels eggs into her mouth as fast as possible.  

While my life is remarkably different today than it was a year ago today, it's not the big stand out events that have made me better, that have strengthened me in my relationships or as a person.  It's those small, subtle things.  It's learning that when Zac calls upset or with bad news, it's because he needs me to make it better, not because I need to get worked up and tell him what I think he should do.  It's watching Caroline stand that makes me realize I need to hold her more.    It's accepting disappointment and working to make things better.  It's being appreciative that my husband will get himself ready to go to work in the other bathroom beccause it's early and he wants me to be able to sleep (and not having to ask him to do that).  And it's been celebrating little victories, like seeing 30 patients a week for a month straight, or being able to make a broken down trailer into a nice home.  These are the things I've written my last 99 posts about.  I just hope that they've in some little way made your day, or last 99 days, better.         

Here's to my 100th post!  I just know you will all pop a bottle open over this tonight! (except you Annie, you should not pop open a bottle...you have to work tomorrow and we know you can't handle wine.)


  1. shoot dang, i cried. i'm seriously ridiculous! i love you and i love that you love caroline like your own. you are a wonderful sister and i'm so blessed to have you. i'm so happy you are my neighbor too. xoxo

  2. Geez I cried too - something about becoming a Mom makes me more sentimental anymore. Probably because no one will hug me too!

    PS - Troy bought me an extra bottle of wine that night so I have one we can share - wink wink!

  3. Dear Bestie, I love you and reading this made me realize how proud I am of you and Zacman. Also, as usually, it made me wanna be a Momma. Let's have babies already!
    Much love Boo!
    PS: "Did you just call me Boo?!?!"

  4. I cried too! I am so glad you live close now. Dang it was crummy when you lived in St. Louis(Shopping made it bearable:)We are all blessed and this year has been a wonderful one! xoxo Mom


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