Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In the beginning...

If you read my last blog you know that i'm repainting my office.  I am not a huge fan of wallpaper, well, unless it looks like this.  Love a damask that's traditional but funky at the same time, but anyway
Handprinted Damask Wallcovering
The office had a border, lots and lots of border.  Its in every room.  Every room.  I decided it must come down and started on it yesterday night because Zac isn't home on Monday nights, so what was the point of rushing home. I started at 5:30 and locked up the place at 8, so about 2 and 1/2 hours to do two rooms.  This was halfway through
I kept on trucking and before I knew it my waiting room was naked...
We (Connie, Bill and I) all decided on a color.  Its called Stonehenge and is a Colorplace sample as Walmart is the only place to get paint in Pana.  Its a greenish grayish taupe.  I think this is a good comparison

It looks good with the green counter top and the wood and not bad with our akward-greenish-teal chairs.  The next problem is what to do with those office chairs?  These are basically what ours look like now
Lesro Weston W2321G5 Two Office Chairs w/ Corner Table
It's an odd color.  What I would love to do is sand and restain the legs and then have each chair recovered in black faux leather.  Really what I want is these
But that's probably not gonna happen. Paint is a start though.  Definately a step in the right direction!  Wish me luck as the paint is going up tonight!

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  1. seriously checkout walmart online. Jade got those waiting room chairs he has for cheap cheap - you may be able to talk Bill into it!


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