Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh Zac....

My husband is ridiculous.  He just kills me with the things he says.  We are just wrapping up our first year of marriage and still working out some issues with communication.  We've been together for 4 and 1/2 years, so you think we'd have it down by now but that's not the case.  Of course, we will always have things to work on, this is a marriage after all.  Laziness and apathy can cause big problems.... hence the things we argue about.  It's not that Zac is lazy, cause he's not.  He is very diligent at work (#1 installer in the territory- 6 states, after only 6 months on the job!) but he does slack a little at home.  He, a vast majority of the time, will do everything I ask him to do, which is great.  He does not, however, do the things that need done.  By that I mean, if it's not on a list or explicitly asked he doesn't even acknowledge things need done.  For example, I had to switch the front door knob.  I forgot Zac's drill at Annie's while we were working on Ethel Edith stuff, so I just had a little screw driver.  I got both screws started, drew one tight, then was tightening the other when I realized I had threaded it crooked and it was effectively stuck.  I just left it, planning on fixing it when we got the drill back or for Zac's day off, which was 2 days away.  That stupid knob was like that for 2 weeks!  When I asked Zac why he didn't fix it on one of his 4 days off he said "you didn't tell me I needed to."  YOU COULD SEE IT! Literally one screw sticking out all janky.  Even though it stared at him, he didn't know he should fix it, especially when he was too busy playing the video game he borrowed from his friend.

The best part of this is that when I told him I was frustrated because I feel, at this point, he is old enough and we've been together long enough, he should just take care of things.  I said, "you don't have to ask me to pay your student loan payment or clean the sink, I just do it cause it's what needs done."  He replied, "You never give me any credit.  I'm so much better than I used to be.  You're mad cause I didn't do things you didn't tell me to do.  You used to be pissed cause I didn't do things you specifically asked me to do."  I laughed out loud at the absurdity of that comment but I wasn't mad anymore.

He had a point.  A ridiculous point, but a point nonetheless.  He's right, he is better than he used to be.  The other day he made the bed and swept the floor and I didn't put either on a list.  I just love him.  He's so illogical it almost makes sense.  He cracks me up!  Even when I'm pissed, even when the door knob is broken and the laundry set so long in the washer that it's mildewed, I love that ridiculous husband of mine.


  1. All I can say to that is "Ahhhh maritial bliss"...LOL!!

    Hey, got a question for you still have the cow painting. If so, I want to purchase it. If not, could you make me one? Also, I would love for you to paint me an owl (small size like the floral bouquet I bought) for my daughter. She loves owls and I LOVE YOUR ART!! The cow is going to be a gift too!

    Let me know as I will be at 3rd Sunday Market.


  2. I own the wonky eyed cow!! haha Abbie - I love that Zac


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